Andrea Calle’s Booty Workout on Helix!

The MMA Woman of the Year Writes About – And Shows Us – Why She Loves The Results She Gets From Helix¹

When you picture an internationally recognized expert in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts, we’re pretty sure an image of Andrea Calle doesn’t pop into your mind. However, the Colombian native is not only Andrea Calle beauty-contest stunning, she also was the 2015 MMA Woman of the Year and, through her work as MMA TV Host, Commentator, & Analyst for Fox Sports, CBS Sports, NBC Universal Sports, and Azteca, Andrea has quickly become one of the most recognized MMA personalities on the planet.

As an expert in the incredibly rough-and-tumble world of MMA – and as a former beauty contest winner – Andrea understands the crucial importance of training and fitness on physical performance and physical appearance.  We at Helix are delighted that she got her own H1000 Touch and has become a huge believer in, and blogger on, the incredible benefits of Helix Lateral Training.  The following video & Andrea’s blog speak for themselves.

Helix trains you in ways other machines literally can’t!  The Helix trains muscles that can’t be reached or trained by other cardio machines, such as inner/outer thigh, glutes, and even activates the core while also mobilizing and strengthening the low back. Helix training also gets your heart rate up fast, so you benefit by receiving the benefits of High Intensity Training. And, whoever heard of a cardio machine that trains your core?? What a great side benefit of Helix training!!!

Helix also supports your MMA training & conditioning. For example, Helix training improves lateral movement and strengthens your legs. Because of all the extra muscle activation, it should improve quickness and, because the glutes are the muscle group most responsible for generating explosive power, you’ll also receive that benefit.

I’ve attached a chart that shows the results from a study performed a few years ago at the U of Tampa Human Performance Lab. It compared Helix training to a traditional elliptical. In virtually every muscle group from “the core to the floor”, Helix training creates up to 44% MORE muscle activation than an elliptical. This is why Helix training is so effective and also why you don’t necessarily have to do it for 45 minutes to get the results you want. Even 15 to 20 minutes on a Helix, especially if you integrate high intensity intervals, will get you amazing benefits. You’ll literally see areas shaping up in record time. The average person using a Helix tends to get very motivated because they see results FAST and they see results in areas they’ve never been able to effectively train with cardio – the glutes, inner/outer thigh, and core.

We LOVE that Andrea did her research and has our latest Residential model in her home, so to check it out for yourself use the link to locate the Helix dealer nearest you!


¹ “Best Cardio Machine for Inner/Outer Thighs, Glutes, and Core” by Andrea Calle,, 8/31/2017, Article Link