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My Favorite Piece of Cardio. Hands Down

Harley PHarley Pasternak
World’s #1 Celebrity Trainer & NY Times Best Selling Author

I am a Helix Lateral Trainer fan.   The first time I got on the helix, I was hooked – it takes up a fraction of the space of an elliptical or treadmill, it’s a much smaller unit and it’s easy to move around, plus it’s a fraction of the price of any other commercial or comparable residential equipment.  Lateral movement really engages all of the lower body on a plane that we don’t use day-to-day…without putting all that stress on your knees & lower back like other pieces of equipment…You have no impact, no pounding, no noise – easy on your joints, hard on your muscles, and that’s what it’s all about.

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Solving the Booty Problem

Solving the ‘booty problem’ is a challenge – diets help reduce ‘non-booty’ bulk, weights help on the arms, crunches help with the mid-drift, but how can you effectively get at the REAL problem…your lower body?

This video shows you a series of takes from first-time users of the Helix Lateral Trainer – no filter, this is the real deal & their real reactions. THIS is the way you can effectively attack your ‘booty problem’.  And by the way, the cardio workout that comes with it will make you feel great all over so you can really enjoy that shapely booty!

THE MOST EFFECTIVE CARDIO PRODUCT EVER BUILT – take a test drive & try a real booty workout today!

The Helix Lateral Trainer blows away traditional concepts of lower body training by providing both huge benefits to your core and all of your lower body muscles – glutes, quads, inner thighs & outer thighs, PLUS gives you an intense cardio workout.

FOR ALL WOMEN – the Helix directly addresses those areas that worry you most – hips, butt & thighs – plus gives you the cardio workout that keeps you going.

FOR ALL MEN – cardio, cardio, cardio!  NOTHING will work your cardio like the Helix Lateral Trainer.  And by-the-way, watch out…your core & lower body will NEVER be in better shape.

FOR ALL ATHLETES – the only machine designed to focus on your specific requirements – LATERAL STRENGTH & AGILITY.  And the cardio benefits are huge.

FOR  NEOPHYTES – fitness training can be intimidating, but the Helix Lateral Trainer is designed to be inviting for everyone.  Jump on – it’s intuitive & within 2 minutes you’ll get it…THIS is how to get in shape!

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