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Fitness VIP: Harley Pasternak

World’s #1 Celebrity Trainer & NY Times Best Selling Author

Harley Pasternak Loves the Helix

You have no impact, no pounding, no noise – easy on your joints, hard on your muscles, and that’s what it’s all about.  My favorite piece of cardio, hands down

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From Harley’s Blog:

The Best Machines to Use at the Gym

We spend most of our lives moving forward and back, but we tend to neglect the muscles that allow us to move side to side. The Helix Lateral Trainer is awesome for this! Think of it as a lateral elliptical machine: It targets your hips, inner and outer thighs, butt and love handles, and for those looking to buy, it’s half the size of most other pieces (and half the price).

Four Fantastic, Fun Fitness Toys

The Helix is sort of like an elliptical, but it moves side to side (rather than forward and back), thus blasting the inner/outer thighs, hips, butt and even your obliques (love handles). I love this machine! Not only can you do regular cardio on it, I also tried getting in the plank position with my feet on the floor and my hands on the pedals — and my abs are still hurting.

Harley Pasternak’s Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas

The Helix targets your butt, thighs and hips, and burns fat while taking up 70 percent less space than a treadmill.

From Harley’s Good Morning America Appearances

How To Diet Like a Man & Lose More Weight

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Secrets To Your Best Beach Body From Jessica Simpson’s Trainer

Secrets To Jessica Simpson’s Beach Body

And Other Interviews As The World’s #1 Celebrity Trainer

Booty Obsession for TMZ Hollywood Sports

Client Megan Fox & The Helix For Us Weekly & the Daily Mail Online

To get Megan slim & sexy for the Teenage Ninja Turtles movie after 2 babies in less than 2 years, Harley used a balanced diet, short concentrated workouts for her back muscles, & the Helix Lateral Trainer for her cardio.  “Look at her now!  She looks as good as she’s ever looked if not better.

Helix Fitness VIP: Harley Pasternak

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Fitness VIP: Harley Pasternak2019-06-05T10:10:30-04:00

Fitness VIP: Kim Lyons

TV’s Healthy Lifestyle Expert & Fitness Trainer

My #1 Cardio Exercise Machine

My #1 cardio exercise machine…the Helix is by far the best machine to really tighten your lower body…and, of course, it’ll get your heart rate through the roof!

Helix Fitness VIP: Kim Lyons

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Fitness VIP: Kim Lyons2019-06-05T10:10:31-04:00

Fitness VIP: Gunnar Peterson

Internationally Renowned Fitness Guru & Personal Trainer

The Helix Is A Breath Of Fresh Air

The Helix is a terrific tool….it’s working laterally, it’s changing your position in space from high to low, it’s working inner thigh, outer thigh, and it’s also challenging you from a balance standpoint, Adding a unique product like the Helix to my gym at this stage of the game is a breath of fresh air.


Helix Fitness VIP: Gunnar Peterson

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Fitness VIP: Gunnar Peterson2019-06-05T10:10:31-04:00

Fitness VIP: Danny Musico

Former World Super Middleweight Champ & Beverly Hills Trainer

I Think It’s An Awesome Machine

“My clients love it!  Women love it because it tightens their glutes & for men it adds lower body strength & flexible.  I think it’s an awesome machine & I’d recommend it to anybody.” (From the floor of IDEA World Fitness)

D.Musico png“Oh boy… Your glutes and obliques will hate you after 3 minutes of intervals on the Helix Lateral Trainer.  Switch up your rotation from left to right, then right to left. It’s awesome for engaging muscles that people don’t normally hit during a north-to-south cardio drill. Moving east-west is not easy to do and so effective.” (From ‘Getting It Done With Danny Musico’ on

A Glimpse of Helix Training With Danny

Musico Celeb Workouts

Helix Fitness VIP: Danny Musico

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Fitness VIP: Danny Musico2019-06-05T10:10:34-04:00

Mike D’Angelo

Boston’s Best Trainer – allure magazine  |  Exercise Physiologist

The Helix is the perfect way for the athlete to cross train to avoid long term over-use injuries. Stimulating the joints from lateral motion will aid in joint integrity, allowing them to last longer.

The Helix with its Doctor approved lateral motion, is a workout you’ll want to add to your arsenal of body sculpting and health sustaining moves. After 50 years cardio machines, finally someone got it right!

It’s a woman dream come true, probably the closest thing they are going to get to a magic pill for those trouble areas! From major muscle groups to minor ones, the Helix Lateral Trainer addresses them all.

Mike D’Angelo2019-06-05T10:10:34-04:00

Mike Boyle

vip_carousel_boyle_greenStrength & Conditioning Trainer  |  Boston Red Sox, BU Hockey, US Olympic Hockey

I’ve had the opportunity to use the Helix and think it has great application. It is difficult to move cardiovascular training out of the sagittal plane and the Helix does just that.

I have had my clients slideboard for years to take advantage of frontal plane movement, but until Helix, there has never been a machine that could provide that. I highly recommend the Helix Lateral Trainer.

Mike Boyle2019-06-05T10:10:38-04:00

Ron Hemelgarn

vip_carousel_hemelgarn_greenInternational Club Owner for Over 40 Years  |  NFTJ Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

The Helix is a great workout. Its lateral movement works the abductor/adductor muscles better than any other machine on the market. Women love the Helix because of its focus on the inner and outer thighs. After one workout they feel the soreness and they continue using it in their daily workout regimen which, of course, creates a high demand for Helix in the clubs.

Ron Hemelgarn2019-06-05T10:10:55-04:00