amanda mcferrenAmanda McFerren 
Lancaster YMCA, Lancaster, PA

We’ve had the Helix for about 3 years and our overall experience has been very good.  From the maintenance side, it doesn’t break and from the functional side it really accesses the muscles that you can’t get to on any of the other cardio machines.

I’d say it’s used mostly by women that are already in athletic shape.  I think that the members using the Helix regularly already have a good understanding of their bodies and realize that this is a motion that you can’t get on any other machine because of the planes you are moving in.  When I train people on it I actually tell them you can do two different things: you can go fast and get a nice cardio workout or you can use it as more of a resistance trainer where you’re able to train and tone the muscles it targets.

The Helix has proven to be a good selling point with potential members – I’ve worked in several facilities and I tell people that we are the only one I’ve seen with a Helix, and that really does kind of draw them into the advantages of our club.