Our Members Love It

Jake Walker 
Fitness 1440, San Antonio, Texas

We installed a Helix Lateral Trainer, the HLT3500 Touch upright, into our Target 24 Circuit when we opened our facility in May 2019.  Target 24 is designed to match each member’s unique desires and fitness objectives.

The HLT3500 Touch fits into Target 24 perfectly because it trains our members differently than traditional pieces of cardio equipment.  When each member signs on, they meet a highly-skilled and certified personal trainer to determine the specific goals they’d like to achieve.  We walk through our facility with new members and personally show them how to use the equipment properly; the Helix is always a good conversation piece.  The Helix Lateral Trainer is one of the more popular pieces of equipment and our members love it

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My Favorite Piece of Cardio. Hands Down

Harley PHarley Pasternak
World’s #1 Celebrity Trainer & NY Times Best Selling Author

I am a Helix Lateral Trainer fan.   The first time I got on the helix, I was hooked – it takes up a fraction of the space of an elliptical or treadmill, it’s a much smaller unit and it’s easy to move around, plus it’s a fraction of the price of any other commercial or comparable residential equipment.  Lateral movement really engages all of the lower body on a plane that we don’t use day-to-day…without putting all that stress on your knees & lower back like other pieces of equipment…You have no impact, no pounding, no noise – easy on your joints, hard on your muscles, and that’s what it’s all about.

My Favorite Piece of Cardio. Hands Down2019-06-05T10:10:12-04:00

Helps Us Stay Unique & Creative

Darleen KeeganDarleen Keegan 
eBay Corporate Health Clubs, California, Utah, Arizona

We have the Helix in four different campuses – two in California serving about 6,000 employees, and campuses in Utah & Arizona serving about 2,000 employees each.  We initially decided to install the Helix in our Arizona location because we thought it would be great for our skiers there, but because we have employees that travel around all the time we decided to incorporate the Helix everywhere and we’re glad we did.

I think if our staff of trainers sells it right, we can get anybody onto the Helix, so there’s not one particular group of folks using the machine although, of course, there is a particular attraction among women looking to firm-up and work on their lower body.  I think it takes some time for people to learn to train using the Helix because everyone is accustomed to the typical back-and-forth motion of the ellipticals and treadmills, but as people get the hang of it they really, really like it.

From my perspective, I really like the Helix because it’s innovative and that’s what we’re always looking for – how do we stay ahead of the fitness center market and remain attractive to employees.  I try to keep our clubs unique & creative and Helix helps us achieve that objective.

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Unmatched Rehab Benefits

Julian SellesJulien Selles 
Anatomic Fitness, Bedford, NH

Our users’ experience with the Helix is fabulous – traditional equipment you find in most clubs is all linear, up-and-down, but the Helix provides lateral rotation which sets it apart and really changes the experience and benefits you get from it.

It’s a popular machine with the members, pretty much everyone uses it – our average members all the way through our athletes playing sports where lateral movement is important.  The reason we encourage members to use the Helix – and why they like it – is the belief that you should workout in all the ways that your body is meant to move and, unlike other equipment, Helix can provide that with its lateral rotation.

I personally just had hip-replacement surgery.  While this may be a pretty steep rehab curve because I’ve been active & in-shape my whole life, I’m working out on the Helix six weeks after that operation and it has been unbelievable for me to have access to that technology.  In a rehab setting, the Helix has benefits that you simply can’t match with conventional equipment – I’m  working on the abductors and adductors which you just can’t do on anything else, so it’s really a great piece of equipment.

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I Wouldn’t Have A Club Without One

Craig Ehleider
Craig Ehleider 
Future Fitness, 5 locations in South Jersey/Philadelphia area


The Helix is popular with the members, but I wouldn’t fill a club with anything.  I’ve got a huge amount of equipment diversity, so while I wouldn’t say I’ll fill a club with Helixes, I’d also say that I wouldn’t have a club without one.

The Helix provides diversity & options on cardio.  With cardio, it’s helpful psychologically for members to have different choices, and the Helix provides options that just aren’t out there with other machines.  The different look and focus of the Helix also helps attract new members – especially if you’re a good salesman and can talk up the options it provides – but it’s the quality of a machine that helps in retaining members over time and Helix has that too.  It’s also not real high priced – it’s well priced for what it offers. I do like the Helix, I think it’s a good variation, and I’m glad you invented it.

I Wouldn’t Have A Club Without One2019-06-05T10:10:35-04:00

Absolutely Helps In Retaining Members

Rob MyersRob Myers 
Anytime Fitness, Salt Lake City, UT

It’s a very popular item – we have two Helix Trainers and they’re both in use pretty much all the time – trainers use it in their programs and members use it on their own.

Members like it because it’s easy to use and the uniqueness of the lateral movement – rather than just front-to-back – effectively focuses on the whole lower body area, which is something women in particular like to work.  The Helix absolutely helps us in retaining members, without a doubt.

Absolutely Helps In Retaining Members2019-06-05T10:10:35-04:00

A Breath Of Fresh Air

Gunnar+PetersonGunner Peterson, CSCS, CPT 
Trainer to Celebrities & Professional Athletes

The Helix is a terrific tool….it’s working laterally, it’s changing your position in space from high to low, it’s working inner thigh, outer thigh, (and) it’s also challenging you from a balance standpoint,  Adding a unique product like the Helix to my gym at this stage of the game is a breath of fresh air.

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The Helix Is Simply A Different Game

Kisar DhillonKishar Dhillon 
The Art of Personal Training, Portland, OR

We got the Helix late last year and have been integrating it into the workout routines with our members.

The members like it a lot.  We don’t have any ellipticals because, in my opinion, ellipticals are “played out” and the Helix gives us a chance to offer something different to our members.  Most of the people in Portland, Oregon are either runners or cyclists, so when you put them on the Helix Lateral Trainer it is simply a different game and much more challenging – they aren’t used to it.

We do a lot of interval training on the Helix, and when we put them on it and they start working laterally it’s a whole different direction and, at least at first, their body is in complete shock.  Working out on the Helix can definitely be challenging, which from the perspective of our members is a good thing.

From what I’ve seen there’s not many Helix trainers in Portland right now, so I think it’s pretty cool that we’re offering it to our members.

The Helix Is Simply A Different Game2019-06-05T10:10:36-04:00

People See It & Want To Try It

Kurt GottshallKurt Gottshall 
Work Zone Fitness, Manheim, PA

It’s a popular machine with the members, particularly the women.  Most of our equipment is pretty standard stuff and the Helix is definitely something that stands out because it’s so different – people see it and want to try it out.  One member who was using it told me that she regularly works the Helix into her workouts because it helps keep her workouts from getting old and boring.

When we show the club, the Helix is right along the main path and we make sure to point it out – it stands out & we point it out because not everybody has them.  It’s cool, it’s different, it’s not your typical motion.

People See It & Want To Try It2019-06-05T10:10:37-04:00

Absolutely A Favorite With Our Members

bret emeryDr. Bret Emery 
Emery Fit, Alpharetta, GA

We’re a private personal training facility and we pick up where physical therapy leaves off.  Our overall experience with the Helix has been great, and the machine absolutely is a favorite with our members.  The main attraction that draws our members to the Helix is that it’s so different from everything else.  If we go down our line of equipment, and everything moves in the vertical direction …ellipticals – vertical, treadmills – vertical, Jacob’s Ladder – vertical, crank cycle – vertical, rower – vertical…and then you’ve got the Helix.  So it’s the only one out of our whole line that moves horizontally.

On tours with prospective members, the Helix is always one of the eye-candy pieces at the beginning.  You can always take somebody, put them on the Helix and they’ll go, “Oh wow, that feels so different.”

Absolutely A Favorite With Our Members2019-06-05T10:10:37-04:00