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Only Machine That Simulates Full Range Of Athletic Motion

John LanzottiJohn Lanzotti 
Landmark Health Club, Peoria, IL

It’s a popular machine that seems to become more popular with members over time as they learn how to use it properly and get the full range of benefits it offers.  In particular, the Helix is a popular machine with our athletes because it’s the only machine that simulates the full range of athletic motion rather than just the forward and backward plane. Also, of course, women like it because it works on the adductors, abductors, quads and glutes.

We’ll also use the Helix with members coming back from knee-related problems.  While it’s important to make sure they are using it correctly, the Helix really helps in getting those folks back to full functioning more rapidly.

Buns Of Steel – The Members Love It

Michael GonzalesMichael Gonzales 
McCook YMCA, McCook, NE

The members love it – it makes them sore but they love it.  People like it because it’s a challenge for them, and it definitely hits a muscle group that they can’t work on with other equipment.

It’s definitely a positive in maintaining our membership – takes a while for them to get familiar with it but once they get going they really like it.  We have quite a few guys who use it but most of the users are women.  I tell them they’ll have trouble going through airports because they’ll have Buns of Steel.  Once they hear that they jump on because I think that’s an important area they’re trying to target.

Members Naturally Gravitate To It

Tony Gray 
Gold's Gym, Knoxville, TN

The way I like to test a new piece of equipment is to install it then watch to see how intuitive it is for the members to use – how much the members gravitate towards it naturally – and with the Helix this really worked well.  We have done the same thing with other equipment and sometimes you have to really push people to get on and try them out, but not the Helix – by the end of the first day it was already getting a lot of use.

Our members like it because it’s a different type of workout which is just what they are looking for – we have a younger crowd, our average age range is 25-45, and our challenge is to offer them new ways to keep engaged & enjoy their workout, so the Helix fits right in with that.

The Helix Really Kicks Their Booty

Jennifer CraigJennifer Craig 
Snap Fitness, Spring Lake, MI

The overall experience of the members with the Helix has been good, people love it.  People seem to like it because it’s a different form of cardio workout that really kicks their bootay.  Women seem to use the machine a lot because of the muscle groups that it works on but I think it’s the intense cardio workout that really attracts people because that’s what they are looking for.

My Members Love,  Love,  Love The Helix

Sonya Price 
Anytime Fitness, Smithville, MO

My members LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Helix. Matter of fact, I should post something on our AF roundtables to let other owners know how much our members are loving the Helix. Guys are even using it, although, the women use it more than the guys. Some of the comments I hear:

  • It’s nice to have an option of doing lateral and not just using an ordinary elliptical.
  • This really kicks your butt.
  • I could only do this 5 minutes the first time.
  • This really works your inner and outer thighs……..much more than the elliptical.
  • I love this machine.
  • I’m thrilled we purchased the Helix, especially while it is so new on the market.

We Really Enjoy The Helix

kati dexterKati Dexter 
Anytime Fitness, Waynesville, MO

Both trainers & individual members find it a great warm-up tool at the beginning of a workout.  It’s rare to see someone use it for more than 15-20 minutes because it’s so intensive, but it’s great for multiple 5-10 minute hits during a workout.

Because of the muscle groups the Helix targets, a lot of users seem to be women, but men are using it also.  We really enjoy the Helix.

Helix Provides Variety  For Our Members

laura kieslingLaura Kiesling 
Anytime Fitness, Nevada, IA

Our overall experience with the Helix has been really good, and our members like it a lot.  There’s a group of faithful users who like to cross-train with the ellipticals and treadmills, and it seems like some of the more dedicated users are women and some of our more athletic folks in the 20-30 age range.  Its attraction is the lateral motion that hits different muscles than our other machines, plus I think members like the intensity of the workout it gives you too.

From my perspective, I like to provide more variety than other gyms and Helix is part of that variety.

On A Scale Of 10, Helix Rates 9-10

Dr. Eric Goodwin, RPT 
Eagle Pass Physical Therapy, Eagle Pass, TX

We’ve had the Helix for about a year and I think it’s great.  It’s a unique machine – it exercises the hip abductors and adductors and in a nutshell I really like it.  It’s used a whole lot in our fitness center – there is always someone using it, and people really seem to enjoy it.

The Helix can be challenging for our therapy patients because of issues they might have with balance and co-ordination.  For example, with patients rehabbing from knee issues the Helix would be employed during the more advanced stage of the protocols – say, 6 months out after an ACL or something like that.

As far as the users’ experience goes, the Helix is a really popular machine and they use it.  The Helix seems to catch the eye of individuals who are more oriented and motivated to doing aerobic exercise – probably our more fit individuals.  On a scale of 10, I’d rate the Helix as a 9 or 10.

It’s Unlike Anything Else

dan whitleyDan Whitley 
Vetta Sports, St. Louis, MO

It is great. Our personal trainers keep referring to it as the “ultimate warm-up” for their work outs. It is unlike anything else, so it always has great utility during training sessions. It is quite nice… everyone who has used it, loves it!

One Of Our Top Machines

austin-sciscianiAustin Scisciani 
Licking County YMCA, Newark, OH

We’ve had the Helix for about six months and I’d say it’s one of our top machines in terms of popularity with the members.  People are wary at first because they’ve never seen anything like it, but once they’ve tried it they really enjoy it because it does something so different – even though it tires them out a lot quicker.

The Helix is popular with all types of members – every age group and every level of athleticism – so it’s not just the younger athletes who are using it.  And it’s a machine that people aren’t used to seeing in other gyms, so it has that exotic appeal that helps attract potential new members.