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One Of Our Top Machines

austin-sciscianiAustin Scisciani 
Licking County YMCA, Newark, OH

We’ve had the Helix for about six months and I’d say it’s one of our top machines in terms of popularity with the members.  People are wary at first because they’ve never seen anything like it, but once they’ve tried it they really enjoy it because it does something so different – even though it tires them out a lot quicker.

The Helix is popular with all types of members – every age group and every level of athleticism – so it’s not just the younger athletes who are using it.  And it’s a machine that people aren’t used to seeing in other gyms, so it has that exotic appeal that helps attract potential new members.

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Helix Fits In Well With Us

Lisa SchuetzLisa Schuetz 
University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire

Our experience has been that it’s really popular.  People like working the lower body muscles with the Helix side-to-side range of motion, and also folks interested in an overall-body workout really appreciate it.  Plus I think people like the cardio intensity because they’re not used to working those muscles.

We pride ourselves on having different equipment in here that members might not see in other places, so it fits in well with us.  It’s part of the total package that we offer that’s unique, and it’s the only thing we have that works that muscle group so it’s definitely something we show people.

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Great For All Types Of Athletes

Willie BolvinWillie Bolvin 
Body Performance, San Antonio, TX

We have a mixture of both personal training clients and athletic clients and the Helix is popular across the board: for athletic clients it’s really great because it helps with the lateral movement, and with the personal training clients – women in particular – they love it because they’re looking to tone the outer and inner thighs and the Helix really targets those areas.

Clients also like the Helix because they feel it quickly – once they get into the correct position, they feel a burn and the intensity of the workout goes from there, so they love it.  All types of different athletes – from basketball to soccer to football to tennis – like the Helix because they all move laterally in their sport, and the Helix works directly on all those muscle groups.

When talking to prospective members we do mention the Helix because it’s a unique piece of equipment and we’re one of the few clubs in the area that has it – in that regard the uniqueness is also a positive factor in retaining clients.

Great For All Types Of Athletes2019-06-05T10:10:45-04:00

Not Your Everyday Standard Equipment

Julie AbrahamJulie Abraham 
Aquus Lifestyle Studio, Grand Rapids, MI

I’ve used just about all the standard equipment and one of my objectives for Aquus was to bring in equipment that that would set us apart from the normal gyms.  When I saw the Helix it fell right into what I was looking for, and this is also why my clients like it, because it’s not your everyday standard equipment.

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Lower-Body Toning & Cardio In One Machine

Deborah FranckowiakDeborah Franckowiak 
Genoa Fitness Center, Genoa, IL

Our members really use the Helix a lot.  I think they really like the fact that they can work on their ‘saddlebags’ and get a strong cardio workout in at the same time.  Rather than having to go to multiple machines, the Helix lets members focus on toning muscle groups they’re concerned with plus gives them the cardio so in that regard they are able to save time.

The Helix is considered one of our specialty machines, which means that it helps make us different & unique from other clubs – which, of course, can be an important factor in attracting and retaining members.  Our trainers like to utilize a variety of equipment and our members like to do a lot of cross-training, so the Helix fits right in and helps us create a unique environment in both those areas.

Lower-Body Toning & Cardio In One Machine2019-06-05T10:10:45-04:00

Everyone Who Uses It Loves It

Wendy HollandWendy Holland 
Mattoon YMCA, Mattoon, IL

We’ve only had the Helix for about three months but we love it – everyone who uses it loves it.  People like the left-and-right motion rather than front & back, so working on those different muscles is a factor in attracting users.  Members have commented that it doesn’t bother their knees and I know they like being able to adjust it to the fitness level that they want, so I think there’s going to be a lot of reasons that people like it.

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Works Abductors/Adductors Better Than Any Other Machine

ron hemelgarnRon Hemelgarn 
International Club Owner for Over 40 Years 
NFTJ Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

The Helix is a great workout. Its lateral movement works the abductor/adductor muscles better than any other machine on the market. Women love the Helix because of its focus on the inner and outer thighs. After one workout they feel the soreness and they continue using it in their daily workout regimen which, of course, creates a high demand for Helix in the clubs.

Works Abductors/Adductors Better Than Any Other Machine2019-06-05T10:10:46-04:00

Members Appreciate Its Variety & Efficiency

Tony CruzTony Cruz 
XTC Fitness & Sports, Tyler, TX

Over the two years we’ve had the Helix our experience has been excellent.  It offers variety not only for our club members but for our trainers as well.  By variety I mean how it offers the lateral movement and also, for most members, that’s not a machine that they see every day.

It’s a popular machine particularly with women and athletes.  We show all our members how to use the Helix, and the ones who gravitate to it use it pretty frequently.  I think members also appreciate the efficiency of the machine, both in terms of proving a challenging workout in minimal time and also saving their body because of its low impact.  When we’re touring the club with prospective members, the Helix is definitely one of the items we show primarily because of its uniqueness.

Members Appreciate Its Variety & Efficiency2019-06-05T10:10:47-04:00

Helix Is The Spawn Of Satan – But In A Good Way

andrew-williamsAndrew Williams 
Athletic Sports Medicine, St. Charles, MO

We’re a non-surgical doctor’s office specializing in sports medicine, and our patients are athletes ranging from amateur on up to college athletes.  We’ve had the Helix for about 2 years and our overall experience has been great.  The patients swear the Helix is the Spawn of Satan himself because of how it tortures them during their rehab & recovery – in a good way, of course.

What we try to do is turn on people’s glutes because the glutes are kind of the key to the whole human body in terms of injuries, especially back and knee and hip injuries.  So your whole body is connected and the glutes are the biggest muscles so they play a key role in treating injuries.  All our patients use the Helix and we’ve found it to be extremely effective in activating and developing someone’s glutes.

Helix Is The Spawn Of Satan – But In A Good Way2019-06-05T10:10:47-04:00

Corners The Market In Lateral Training

Natalie JoslinNatalie Joslin 
VillaSport Athletic Club & Spa, The Woodlands, TX

We’ve only had the Helix for around 4 months – we originally started off with one unit on a 1-2 week trial basis, but we got such positive reviews from members that we bought the first one and have now added a second one.  At the very beginning things were pretty quiet – people seemed a bit unsure about the machine but as they’ve watched other folks try it, it’s become increasingly popular.

Most of the members seem to be using the Helix for warm-up and cool-down, and I’ve seen as many men as women using it, maybe even more.  Several of our athletes and the guys who were using our Cybex machines seem to have migrated to the Helix when they can get on them, which can be a challenge because they’re pretty popular.  The Helix falls right in line with our functional training – we train in three dimensions, not just the frontal plane – and it definitely corners the market in terms of lateral training.  I love that we have two of them and eventually would like to have five in our club if we can find the space.

Corners The Market In Lateral Training2019-06-05T10:10:47-04:00