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I Wouldn’t Have A Club Without One

Craig Ehleider
Craig Ehleider 
Future Fitness, 5 locations in South Jersey/Philadelphia area


The Helix is popular with the members, but I wouldn’t fill a club with anything.  I’ve got a huge amount of equipment diversity, so while I wouldn’t say I’ll fill a club with Helixes, I’d also say that I wouldn’t have a club without one.

The Helix provides diversity & options on cardio.  With cardio, it’s helpful psychologically for members to have different choices, and the Helix provides options that just aren’t out there with other machines.  The different look and focus of the Helix also helps attract new members – especially if you’re a good salesman and can talk up the options it provides – but it’s the quality of a machine that helps in retaining members over time and Helix has that too.  It’s also not real high priced – it’s well priced for what it offers. I do like the Helix, I think it’s a good variation, and I’m glad you invented it.

I Wouldn’t Have A Club Without One2019-06-05T10:10:35-04:00

Absolutely Helps In Retaining Members

Rob MyersRob Myers 
Anytime Fitness, Salt Lake City, UT

It’s a very popular item – we have two Helix Trainers and they’re both in use pretty much all the time – trainers use it in their programs and members use it on their own.

Members like it because it’s easy to use and the uniqueness of the lateral movement – rather than just front-to-back – effectively focuses on the whole lower body area, which is something women in particular like to work.  The Helix absolutely helps us in retaining members, without a doubt.

Absolutely Helps In Retaining Members2019-06-05T10:10:35-04:00

People See It & Want To Try It

Kurt GottshallKurt Gottshall 
Work Zone Fitness, Manheim, PA

It’s a popular machine with the members, particularly the women.  Most of our equipment is pretty standard stuff and the Helix is definitely something that stands out because it’s so different – people see it and want to try it out.  One member who was using it told me that she regularly works the Helix into her workouts because it helps keep her workouts from getting old and boring.

When we show the club, the Helix is right along the main path and we make sure to point it out – it stands out & we point it out because not everybody has them.  It’s cool, it’s different, it’s not your typical motion.

People See It & Want To Try It2019-06-05T10:10:37-04:00

Absolutely A Favorite With Our Members

bret emeryDr. Bret Emery 
Emery Fit, Alpharetta, GA

We’re a private personal training facility and we pick up where physical therapy leaves off.  Our overall experience with the Helix has been great, and the machine absolutely is a favorite with our members.  The main attraction that draws our members to the Helix is that it’s so different from everything else.  If we go down our line of equipment, and everything moves in the vertical direction …ellipticals – vertical, treadmills – vertical, Jacob’s Ladder – vertical, crank cycle – vertical, rower – vertical…and then you’ve got the Helix.  So it’s the only one out of our whole line that moves horizontally.

On tours with prospective members, the Helix is always one of the eye-candy pieces at the beginning.  You can always take somebody, put them on the Helix and they’ll go, “Oh wow, that feels so different.”

Absolutely A Favorite With Our Members2019-06-05T10:10:37-04:00

Unique Machine, Unlike Any Other

dan boothbyDan Boothby 
Northeastern University Hockey, Boston, MA

I have used the Helix with my athletes and found it to be a unique machine unlike any other. We can provide extra conditioning and still target the muscles of the hip girdle with a tremendous amount of glute recruitment. More importantly it helps to correct muscle imbalances between the adductor and abductor muscle groups or adductor imbalances from the left and right leg. We have used the Helix for conditioning protocols to prepare athletes to return to the ice after injury.

Unique Machine, Unlike Any Other2019-06-05T10:10:39-04:00

It Lets Members Switch Things Up

Dena GunnoeDena Gunnoe 
Bishop Fitness Center, Bishop, CA

We’ve had the Helix for a couple of years and our overall experience has been great – we have two of them, our clients love them and they get used all the time.  Helix is popular with all types of our members, ranging from girls to boys, men and women, older and younger.

I think members really like it because they can get their heart rate up faster with the Helix – they may only spend ten-minutes on it but it can really be challenging and they like this versus other machines like the ellipticals.  They also like the fact that they can work their quads and glutes by sitting and standing and switching things up.  With an elliptical they are just standing in the same position whereas the Helix offers a variety of ways to move around and work on different things, and the members seem to really like that.

When we’re showing the club to prospective members I’ve heard them say they’ve never seen anything like the Helix, so it nice to have something that’s different and that a lot of other clubs don’t have.

It Lets Members Switch Things Up2019-06-05T10:10:41-04:00

Challenging No-Impact Cardio

Rob GundersonRob Gunderson 
Goosetown Health Club, Anaconda, MT

We’ve had the Helix for about a year now and we’ve had a really good experience – it doesn’t break down and our members really seem to like it.  There really isn’t a particular group that gravitates to it – from what I’ve seen it’s a popular machine with pretty much everyone.

I think the primary thing that appeals to members is that the Helix provides a challenging no-impact cardio workout in a relatively short period of time, so this is particularly great for members that have knee or back issues because they can get their cardio work in without risking additional aggravation.  We definitely show the Helix off to prospective customers because it’s new and different from what they might be used to seeing.

Challenging No-Impact Cardio2019-06-05T10:10:41-04:00

One Of Our Top Machines

austin-sciscianiAustin Scisciani 
Licking County YMCA, Newark, OH

We’ve had the Helix for about six months and I’d say it’s one of our top machines in terms of popularity with the members.  People are wary at first because they’ve never seen anything like it, but once they’ve tried it they really enjoy it because it does something so different – even though it tires them out a lot quicker.

The Helix is popular with all types of members – every age group and every level of athleticism – so it’s not just the younger athletes who are using it.  And it’s a machine that people aren’t used to seeing in other gyms, so it has that exotic appeal that helps attract potential new members.

One Of Our Top Machines2019-06-05T10:10:44-04:00

Helix Fits In Well With Us

Lisa SchuetzLisa Schuetz 
University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire

Our experience has been that it’s really popular.  People like working the lower body muscles with the Helix side-to-side range of motion, and also folks interested in an overall-body workout really appreciate it.  Plus I think people like the cardio intensity because they’re not used to working those muscles.

We pride ourselves on having different equipment in here that members might not see in other places, so it fits in well with us.  It’s part of the total package that we offer that’s unique, and it’s the only thing we have that works that muscle group so it’s definitely something we show people.

Helix Fits In Well With Us2019-06-05T10:10:45-04:00

Great For All Types Of Athletes

Willie BolvinWillie Bolvin 
Body Performance, San Antonio, TX

We have a mixture of both personal training clients and athletic clients and the Helix is popular across the board: for athletic clients it’s really great because it helps with the lateral movement, and with the personal training clients – women in particular – they love it because they’re looking to tone the outer and inner thighs and the Helix really targets those areas.

Clients also like the Helix because they feel it quickly – once they get into the correct position, they feel a burn and the intensity of the workout goes from there, so they love it.  All types of different athletes – from basketball to soccer to football to tennis – like the Helix because they all move laterally in their sport, and the Helix works directly on all those muscle groups.

When talking to prospective members we do mention the Helix because it’s a unique piece of equipment and we’re one of the few clubs in the area that has it – in that regard the uniqueness is also a positive factor in retaining clients.

Great For All Types Of Athletes2019-06-05T10:10:45-04:00