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Lower-Body Toning & Cardio In One Machine

Deborah FranckowiakDeborah Franckowiak 
Genoa Fitness Center, Genoa, IL

Our members really use the Helix a lot.  I think they really like the fact that they can work on their ‘saddlebags’ and get a strong cardio workout in at the same time.  Rather than having to go to multiple machines, the Helix lets members focus on toning muscle groups they’re concerned with plus gives them the cardio so in that regard they are able to save time.

The Helix is considered one of our specialty machines, which means that it helps make us different & unique from other clubs – which, of course, can be an important factor in attracting and retaining members.  Our trainers like to utilize a variety of equipment and our members like to do a lot of cross-training, so the Helix fits right in and helps us create a unique environment in both those areas.

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Members Appreciate Its Variety & Efficiency

Tony CruzTony Cruz 
XTC Fitness & Sports, Tyler, TX

Over the two years we’ve had the Helix our experience has been excellent.  It offers variety not only for our club members but for our trainers as well.  By variety I mean how it offers the lateral movement and also, for most members, that’s not a machine that they see every day.

It’s a popular machine particularly with women and athletes.  We show all our members how to use the Helix, and the ones who gravitate to it use it pretty frequently.  I think members also appreciate the efficiency of the machine, both in terms of proving a challenging workout in minimal time and also saving their body because of its low impact.  When we’re touring the club with prospective members, the Helix is definitely one of the items we show primarily because of its uniqueness.

Members Appreciate Its Variety & Efficiency2019-06-05T10:10:47-04:00

Awesome Overall Experience

Betty Linko

Betty Linko 
Indian Valley YMCA, Harleysville, PA

Our overall experience with the Helix has been awesome, the members love it!  A lot of members used to use the elliptical but they like the different motion and the work it does on the lower body.

As far as what the gym is offering, the Helix helps give us variety by being one more piece that helps members from getting bored with their workouts.  We show prospective members the Helix and it helps show the range of things we offer, so it’s a plus in attracting new members.  Once they join people love it and I think the Helix definitely helps in satisfying & retaining members.

Awesome Overall Experience2019-06-05T10:10:52-04:00

Both Cardio Workout & Resistance Trainer

amanda mcferrenAmanda McFerren 
Lancaster YMCA, Lancaster, PA

We’ve had the Helix for about 3 years and our overall experience has been very good.  From the maintenance side, it doesn’t break and from the functional side it really accesses the muscles that you can’t get to on any of the other cardio machines.

I’d say it’s used mostly by women that are already in athletic shape.  I think that the members using the Helix regularly already have a good understanding of their bodies and realize that this is a motion that you can’t get on any other machine because of the planes you are moving in.  When I train people on it I actually tell them you can do two different things: you can go fast and get a nice cardio workout or you can use it as more of a resistance trainer where you’re able to train and tone the muscles it targets.

The Helix has proven to be a good selling point with potential members – I’ve worked in several facilities and I tell people that we are the only one I’ve seen with a Helix, and that really does kind of draw them into the advantages of our club.

Both Cardio Workout & Resistance Trainer2019-06-05T10:10:52-04:00

Everyone Has A Smile On Their Face

Dick SnyderDick Snyder 
LifeSport Fitness, Philadelphia, PA

It really ‘tours’ well with prospective clients because it’s so divergently different…It also conditions the body nicely, and it says a lot about the Helix that almost everyone has a smile on their face when they’re using it, so there’s a playfulness to it that’s pretty unique

Everyone Has A Smile On Their Face2019-06-05T10:10:53-04:00

Separates Us From the Competition

Craig DursoCraig Durso 
ROK Health & Fitness, E. Rockaway, NJ

The Helix is always being used, so the members really do like it.  From the club’s perspective, I like it because it gives us another piece of cardio equipment, it’s different, and a lot of the other clubs in the area don’t have one.  So it’s nice to switch it up and also it’s nice to see the surprised look in people’s faces when they do see something that’s so different.

Men and women both use it – I think a lot of people like to use it for a warm-up, it takes less time on the Helix than on a treadmill, and for the women it just feels good to be doing a different movement – they get a different feel in their legs because they’re using different muscle groups, and maybe they get a little sore so they’re happy to use it.  We definitely show the Helix off to prospective members because it’s something that separates us from the competition.  People like to use it, they’re comfortable using it, so yes, I think the Helix is a positive factor in retaining members.

Separates Us From the Competition2019-06-05T10:10:53-04:00

It Pops Out When We Show The Club

Nick ElifanoNick Elifano 
Miracles Fitness, Rio Grande, NJ

The Helix fits in well in our club and it gives us something different from most other clubs in our area.  It’s a popular machine with all our members, but seems to really attract members that are more focused on a challenging cardio workout – more endurance and stamina stuff.

We explain the Helix as a compliment to the traditional elliptical and treadmill, and we emphasize that the more ways you can train your body the better.  When we do an intro to the Helix, the members begin to understand the uniqueness – that they’re hitting a whole different range of muscles and are really doing something different for their bodies when they’re working out on the Helix.  When we’re touring the club with prospective members, we point out the more unique things that we have and the Helix is pretty prominent on our back wall, so if someone’s on it when we walk past it pops out more than anything else and they’ll ask. “What’s that?” and we go from there.

It Pops Out When We Show The Club2019-06-05T10:10:53-04:00

I Love It, Love It, Love It

grace fiorillaGrace Fiorilla 
Summit Fitness, Chester Springs, PA

I go out of my way to show the Helix to prospective members when they’re touring the club because it’s such a different piece of equipment and I think it really helps keep the club fresh and on the leading edge.  It’s very popular with our members – once people have been introduced to it and gotten over their initial hesitation to try a new type of machine, they start using it and they love it.

I think people like using the Helix because it’s such a different motion that’s working on muscles you never get to with other machines.  And it can really provide an intense cardio workout, so you can get a great workout quickly and it’s just such a different feel than you can get with any of our other machines.  I love it, love it, love it!

I Love It, Love It, Love It2019-06-05T10:10:54-04:00

One of Our Selling Points

daryl costonDaryl Coston 
Anytime Fitness, Brandywine, MD

I actually love the Helix, and my members love it too.  I wish I had more of them.  The members just love the machine because it’s so different from anything else we have – it’s just a great machine.  I would say that more women seem to gravitate to it because it works the inner and outer legs and they tend to work on that more than men, but men like it too.

When we show the club to prospective members, the Helix is definitely one of our selling points.  It’s different than anything else in terms of how it looks and what it does with the different muscle groups so it’s very persuasive when we’re talking about the features of our club.

One of Our Selling Points2019-06-05T10:10:54-04:00

A Good Standard Piece For Our Members

maria rigoMaria Rigo 
Oak Brook Racquet & Fitness Club, Westmont IL

The Helix is the only lateral trainer we have and I think it’s a really nice piece of equipment.  The members in general seem to like the Helix and there is a specific group of people – primarily women – who use it regularly.  These regular users, of course, are concerned about working on the specific muscles that the Helix targets, but our trainers also tell other members that are working on cardio to mix the Helix into their routines because even if they only use it for 10-15 minutes we feel they’ll benefit.

As far as the intensity of the Helix workout, I personally have found that if I get on and really kick it up I’ll only last for 5 minutes while if I was on a treadmill I could do it for an hour – and that’s because it’s hitting those unused muscle groups where our endurance is low so in a way the fatigue is a good thing.

None of our other cardio machines work on the lateral muscles, and I think the Helix is a good standard piece to offer our members and I’m happy we have it – because it’s so unique we do point it out when we’re doing tours with prospective members.

A Good Standard Piece For Our Members2019-06-05T10:10:55-04:00