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Great for Sports Training

Suzanne PonticelloSuzanne Porticello
Darien YMCA, Darien, CT

Our overall experience with the Helix has been great. A wide variety of our members are using it and everyone’s been pleased. We train a lot of athletes, and we’ve been using it in sports-specific training – field hockey, lacrosse, ice hockey, football. These sports require a lot of lateral movement and typical cardio equipment just doesn’t help, so the Helix is certainly unique.

I’d say it’s helpful in attracting & retaining members – a lot of people walk in and have never seen it before, so that in-and-of itself is a positive since we have a lot of competition in the area and the Helix is definitely a unique piece for us to have.

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People Who Want A Good Cardio Workout Are Driven To It

Pat RosePat Rose 
Bodyworks Family Sports Center, Lubbock, TX

We’ve had the Helix for 2-3 years and our overall experience has been good.  We have six locations and the Helix is a really popular machine with our members.

People who want a good cardio workout are driven to the machine, primarily because it’s so different from what they’ve used in the past.  Each of our clubs has at least 100 pieces of cardio equipment – we have the AMT’s, the Precor Elliptical, the Life Fitness Elliptical, the Step Mills, the Climb Mills from Matrix, the Matrix Eliptical – just name it and we’ve got it.  But nothing else is like the Helix Lateral Trainer because it’s just a different type of movement that ends up targeting the lower body in a whole different way.

The Helix has fit into our clubs.  Anything you have that sets you apart from your competitors or other clubs is an advantage, particularly when showing prospective members the club.

People Who Want A Good Cardio Workout Are Driven To It2019-06-05T10:11:28-04:00

The First Piece You See When You Come In The Door

gayle winegarGayle Winegar 
Sweat Shop Health Club, St. Paul, MN

We’re a boutique club that’s really focused on training, and the thing that we really love about the Helix is that, unlike our other cardio equipment, it works on the lateral plane which is absolutely fantastic.  A Helix workout can be intense, but that’s a good thing – people can use a treadmill for days and fool themselves into thinking that they’re having a good workout.

More than half of our members are working with trainers and the trainers incorporate the Helix into programs, either for warm-up or for part of the training program.  If you’re training for skiing, or you’re training for soccer, or for anything that’s using both lateral & cardio skills, it’s a great piece.  It’s popular with both men and women, but I think women are more conscious of the benefits of lateral training while men tend to focus on muscles that you can see.

It is the first piece that you see when you come in the door – it’s unusual and we love to put people on it as a sales tool as well.

The First Piece You See When You Come In The Door2019-06-05T10:11:29-04:00

Helps Attract New Members

mike weaverMike Weaver
Cleveland State University, Cleveland, OH

The Helix is popular with our members because it’s something different from the normal treadmill or stepper, so it gets used a lot. We have a varied membership – not just students but also the public – and I’ve seen a broad range of folks using it – everything from older members to our personal trainers to basketball players – both male & female, too.

I like it because it doesn’t necessarily feel like a cardio workout – it feels like you’re actually doing something functional like working on your leg strength. It offers something new & exciting to our members as opposed to the standard cardio machines. For perspective members who come in and take a tour, the Helix helps show that we offer a range of equipment that you generally don’t find, so as far as getting people in the door it definitely helps.

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We Always Show It to Prospective Members

Tiffany OttTiffany Ott
B Real Fitness, Camarillo, CA

We’ve had our Helix Lateral Trainers in the club for over two years, and people genuinely like them. They seem to be generally popular across all our members, so there’s no particular group that gravitates to them.

For example, a lot of the people with knee problems like them because they are non-impact. And the ladies in general like them because the Helix works the inner and outer thighs, which can be a problem area for women. And of course, we have a lot of athletes involved in high school sports that really like using the Helix because it simulates lateral athletic motion and works those muscle groups that other machines don’t.

When we show club to prospective members, we always show the Helix because it promotes cross training, particularly for sports.

We Always Show It to Prospective Members2019-06-05T10:11:30-04:00

It’s A Really Good Cardio Machine!

Matt DevomMatt Devom 
Flex Fitness, Saugus, MA

We have two Helix Lateral Trainers and at least one of them is continuously in use – the members really use it all the time.

Our membership consists of about 80% athletes and I’d say that our women – particularly the women athletes – gravitate to the Helix.  The feedback I’ve gotten from women members is that the Helix really helps tighten their hips. The Helix is not just getting used by our athletes, though – pretty much all age groups and member types are using it.

The Helix is on our cardio deck and is one of the machines we show prospective members.  Actually, a lot of older women like the Helix, and I steer them towards it because it is low impact on the knees.  I’ve used it myself and I like it because you sweat a lot but don’t get out of breath.  It’s a REALLY good cardio machine!

It’s A Really Good Cardio Machine!2019-06-05T10:11:32-04:00