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Helix Fits In Well With Us

Lisa SchuetzLisa Schuetz 
University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire

Our experience has been that it’s really popular.  People like working the lower body muscles with the Helix side-to-side range of motion, and also folks interested in an overall-body workout really appreciate it.  Plus I think people like the cardio intensity because they’re not used to working those muscles.

We pride ourselves on having different equipment in here that members might not see in other places, so it fits in well with us.  It’s part of the total package that we offer that’s unique, and it’s the only thing we have that works that muscle group so it’s definitely something we show people.

Helix Fits In Well With Us2019-06-05T10:10:45-04:00

Challenges Users In A Different Way

sue-l hamiltonSue-L Hamilton 
University of Southern Florida, Tampa, FL

People are intrigued by it, just the look alone.  I think people like the break-up in monotony the lateral movement offers from the basic ellipticals and treadmills – it’s appealing to people who are used to running or riding a bike on a regular basis and want something different that challenges their body in a different way but still gives them that cardio workout.

Challenges Users In A Different Way2019-06-05T10:10:49-04:00

Frontal Plane Movement

michael_boyleMike Boyle 
Boston Red Sox, BU Hockey, USA Hockey

I’ve had the opportunity to use the Helix and think it has great application. It is difficult to move cardiovascular training out of the sagittal plane and the Helix does just that.

I have had my clients slideboard for years to take advantage of frontal plane movement, but until Helix, there has never been a machine that could provide that. I highly recommend the Helix Lateral Trainer.

Frontal Plane Movement2019-06-05T10:10:52-04:00

Every Club Should Have It

Kathi DeresinskiKathi Deresinski 
Triton University, River, IL

I think the Helix is a great machine, and I think every club should have one or two.

The biggest challenge is getting people accustomed to it because it’s so different from what they’re used to.  But I really do like the Helix because it challenges users from a different point of motion.  I think once an individual tries it they have a tendency to go back to it, and I’d say the regular users of the Helix tend to be people who are fairly consistent in their physical exercise and are comfortable having a regular fitness regimen.

Every Club Should Have It2019-06-05T10:11:30-04:00

Helps Attract New Members

mike weaverMike Weaver
Cleveland State University, Cleveland, OH

The Helix is popular with our members because it’s something different from the normal treadmill or stepper, so it gets used a lot. We have a varied membership – not just students but also the public – and I’ve seen a broad range of folks using it – everything from older members to our personal trainers to basketball players – both male & female, too.

I like it because it doesn’t necessarily feel like a cardio workout – it feels like you’re actually doing something functional like working on your leg strength. It offers something new & exciting to our members as opposed to the standard cardio machines. For perspective members who come in and take a tour, the Helix helps show that we offer a range of equipment that you generally don’t find, so as far as getting people in the door it definitely helps.

Helps Attract New Members2019-06-05T10:11:30-04:00

Good Cardio Workout In Less Time

Erik AschimEric Aschim 
University of Montana, Missoula, MT

People like the Helix because it’s a different type of machine from our other equipment with its lateral movement that works on different muscles.  Plus they don’t have to use it as long as other machines – they get as good a cardio workout in a shorter amount of time.  It seems to be more popular with women and our athletic cross-fit folks – plus the skiers who are focused on exactly the muscles and range of motion worked on by the Helix.

Good Cardio Workout In Less Time2019-06-05T10:11:30-04:00

Still New But All Positive So Far

Kenneth EwertzKenneth Ewertz 
Wichita State University, Wichita, KS

We’ve only had it for about a month, but we’re keeping track of the usage and we’re pleased that it’s being used quite a bit.  We put it in the front row which normally isn’t the best spot – nobody likes to be in the front row – but because of that, members are seeing the Helix being used and are curious about it because it’s such a different motion and workout than our other machines.

Members have also told me that it’s pretty intense and their workouts don’t need to last as long as with other aerobic equipment.  Overall, the comments and feedback I’ve heard from members so far has all been positive.

Still New But All Positive So Far2019-06-05T10:11:32-04:00