It’s A Really Good Cardio Machine!

Matt DevomMatt Devom 
Flex Fitness, Saugus, MA

We have two Helix Lateral Trainers and at least one of them is continuously in use – the members really use it all the time.

Our membership consists of about 80% athletes and I’d say that our women – particularly the women athletes – gravitate to the Helix.  The feedback I’ve gotten from women members is that the Helix really helps tighten their hips. The Helix is not just getting used by our athletes, though – pretty much all age groups and member types are using it.

The Helix is on our cardio deck and is one of the machines we show prospective members.  Actually, a lot of older women like the Helix, and I steer them towards it because it is low impact on the knees.  I’ve used it myself and I like it because you sweat a lot but don’t get out of breath.  It’s a REALLY good cardio machine!