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Corners The Market In Lateral Training

Natalie JoslinNatalie Joslin 
VillaSport Athletic Club & Spa, The Woodlands, TX

We’ve only had the Helix for around 4 months – we originally started off with one unit on a 1-2 week trial basis, but we got such positive reviews from members that we bought the first one and have now added a second one.  At the very beginning things were pretty quiet – people seemed a bit unsure about the machine but as they’ve watched other folks try it, it’s become increasingly popular.

Most of the members seem to be using the Helix for warm-up and cool-down, and I’ve seen as many men as women using it, maybe even more.  Several of our athletes and the guys who were using our Cybex machines seem to have migrated to the Helix when they can get on them, which can be a challenge because they’re pretty popular.  The Helix falls right in line with our functional training – we train in three dimensions, not just the frontal plane – and it definitely corners the market in terms of lateral training.  I love that we have two of them and eventually would like to have five in our club if we can find the space.

Corners The Market In Lateral Training2019-06-05T10:10:47-04:00

Great Product, It Won’t Disappoint

Rob Thompson 
Planet Fitness, Franklin MA

I’ve been a full time personal trainer for 10 years. Treadmills, arch-trainers, row machines, ellipticals and stair steppers… all burn calories and work well.

However, now that my clients have been using the Helix they are amazed by how sore their muscles get because they’re working them in a new way (laterally) which focuses more on inner and outer thighs as well as the butt. The workmanship and detail of the Helix rates an A+. It’s a great product, you won’t be disappointed.

Great Product, It Won’t Disappoint2019-06-05T10:10:48-04:00

Works On The Right Areas For Women

Rick Doucette 
Gold’s Gym, Miami Lakes, FL

It’s new for us and just now getting integrated but it’s definitely a good addition to the equipment we already have – people are already coming in and using it religiously every day.  People like to use it because they’re working different muscles than they’re used to on cardio equipment, and by working on the hips and gluts that’s a big addition that seems to get women to use it more often – it’s working on the right areas for them.

Works On The Right Areas For Women2015-05-01T19:16:50-04:00

As Popular As Ellipticals

Jackie ZwickerJackie Zwicker 
Elite Fitness, Stoughton, MA

Our overall experience with the Helix has been very good.  It’s a popular machine with our members – it’s our only lateral machine and it’s probably runs about as popular as our elliptical trainers.  Our personal training staff has integrated the helix into their programs, so they are always encouraging members to work on the lateral plane in addition to the forward plane work they get with everything else.  We have a lot of equipment variety and Helix adds to the options we offer our members.

As Popular As Ellipticals2019-06-05T10:10:50-04:00

An Impact Piece In The Cardio Area

Alan RosenbergAlan Rosenberg 
Powerhouse Gym, Center Moriches, NY

Our overall experience with the Helix has been very good – the members really like it and it gets lots of use.  When we’re showing the club to prospective members we try to promote everything and in the cardio area I’d describe the Helix as an ‘impact piece’ – it’s not a typical machine and it’s different in ways that provide benefits that you can’t get with other equipment, all of which is very attractive to prospective members.

An Impact Piece In The Cardio Area2019-06-05T10:10:50-04:00

Greater Benefits In Shorter Time

Charles Wartz 
Anytime Fitness, Charlottesville, VA

We’ve only had the Helix for a couple of months, but it works great and is easy to maintain.  Members seem to really like the intensity of the workout they get with the Helix.  It’s not a piece of cardio that you are trying to routinely work through for 30 minutes.  Instead, it’s a more intensive work-out that gives you greater benefits in a shorter period of time.

Greater Benefits In Shorter Time2015-05-01T19:18:06-04:00

Changes Thing Up On The Cardio Side

eric gleasonEric Gleason 
Anytime Fitness, Norfolk, VA

As a club owner I like the Helix because it’s popular with members, it’s affordable, easy to move around, and doesn’t take a big footprint on the floor.

The Helix is really different because it’s lateral, and I think it really changes things up on the cardio side and ends up complementing our other machines.  And this is borne out by all the members that are using it.

Changes Thing Up On The Cardio Side2019-06-05T10:10:50-04:00

A Different Type Of Workout

Dr. Joseph Galletti 
Ultimate Gym, Farmingville, NY

The Helix is a popular machine with our members, and I’d say that women in particular tend to gravitate towards it.  Based on feedback, I’d say the primary reason people are using it relates to the different type of workout it gives you, and we try to pique members’ interest in using the machine for this reason.

We point out to members that the important benefits Helix provides relate to its focus on effectively working a range of different lower body muscle groups – abductors, adductors, hams and glutes – that other machines don’t impact.  I’d also agree that the Helix is an intense workout compared to other cardio machine, and I think people find the Helix to be a challenge in that regard.  We are definitely happy with the machine.

A Different Type Of Workout2015-03-03T15:45:34-05:00

Very Beneficial In Rehab/Post-Rehab

michael walshMichael C. Walsh MS, CSCS 
Bodyscapes Fitness, Brookline, MA

The use of the Helix as a group exercise machine or a machine for sports performance enhancement was very clear. I now find it very beneficial for individuals in a rehabilitative/post-rehabilitative stage or with individuals most in need of balance and equilibrium training.

Very Beneficial In Rehab/Post-Rehab2019-06-05T10:10:50-04:00

Provides A Serious Cardio Workout

Ron OswaldRon Oswald 
Gym @ 10th Street, Wildwood, NJ

People like it because it’s different – everything else goes forward & backward and the Helix goes side-to-side.  Folks that are interested in a serious cardio workout like it – the ones that try it like it and the concept of working different muscles.  For example, people who are going skiing like it because it helps work on the areas that they’ll be using.

Provides A Serious Cardio Workout2019-06-05T10:10:51-04:00