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My Favorite Piece of Cardio. Hands Down

Harley PHarley Pasternak
World’s #1 Celebrity Trainer & NY Times Best Selling Author

I am a Helix Lateral Trainer fan.   The first time I got on the helix, I was hooked – it takes up a fraction of the space of an elliptical or treadmill, it’s a much smaller unit and it’s easy to move around, plus it’s a fraction of the price of any other commercial or comparable residential equipment.  Lateral movement really engages all of the lower body on a plane that we don’t use day-to-day…without putting all that stress on your knees & lower back like other pieces of equipment…You have no impact, no pounding, no noise – easy on your joints, hard on your muscles, and that’s what it’s all about.

My Favorite Piece of Cardio. Hands Down2019-06-05T10:10:12-04:00

A Breath Of Fresh Air

Gunnar+PetersonGunner Peterson, CSCS, CPT 
Trainer to Celebrities & Professional Athletes

The Helix is a terrific tool….it’s working laterally, it’s changing your position in space from high to low, it’s working inner thigh, outer thigh, (and) it’s also challenging you from a balance standpoint,  Adding a unique product like the Helix to my gym at this stage of the game is a breath of fresh air.

A Breath Of Fresh Air2019-06-05T10:10:35-04:00

Huge Caloric Burn That’s Fun, Fun, Fun

America’s Personal Trainer

Amazing technology with a huge caloric burn that’s fun, fun, fun! Every woman in the club is going to run to this!

Huge Caloric Burn That’s Fun, Fun, Fun2019-06-05T10:10:39-04:00

Members Waiting To Use It

Ace Baldwin1Ace Baldwin 
Anytime Fitness, Santa Rosa, CA

One way I know the members like the Helix is because it really gets used all the time – popular enough to cause some congestion in waiting to use it.  I also think they like it because it really provides an intensive work-out in a short period of time – 15-20 minutes on the Helix is like 45-60 minutes on something else.

Members Waiting To Use It2019-06-05T10:10:40-04:00

My Members Absolutely Love It

Angel-BanosAngel Banos 
Gold's Gym LA

My members absolutely love it.   I can tell you that at my Thousand Oaks club, people are waiting in line to use it… I will definitely need to get at least two more for that location.

My Members Absolutely Love It2019-06-05T10:10:40-04:00

Overall Experience Is A ‘10’

Julio RomeroJulio Romero 
CFO (retired), IDEA Health & Fitness Association, San Diego, CA

I bought a Helix for my personal use at the IDEA Convention last year.  I’ve been working with a personal trainer to address a lower back condition I have, so after my wife mentioned that she really liked the machine I asked the trainer to check it out for my situation.  His response was that it not only wouldn’t cause me problems but, in fact, could really help me out.

My overall experience with the Helix has been a “10”.  It’s keeping me strong & gives me a tremendous cardio workout.  I’d say that it’s preventative for people that don’t have any injury issues and it’s really beneficial for folks who have some damage like myself.

I just retired so I’m real interested in return on investment, and I’ve gotten more ROI from the Helix than anything else.  I would absolutely recommend the Helix.

Overall Experience Is A ‘10’2019-06-05T10:10:42-04:00

Works Abductors/Adductors Better Than Any Other Machine

ron hemelgarnRon Hemelgarn 
International Club Owner for Over 40 Years 
NFTJ Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

The Helix is a great workout. Its lateral movement works the abductor/adductor muscles better than any other machine on the market. Women love the Helix because of its focus on the inner and outer thighs. After one workout they feel the soreness and they continue using it in their daily workout regimen which, of course, creates a high demand for Helix in the clubs.

Works Abductors/Adductors Better Than Any Other Machine2019-06-05T10:10:46-04:00

After 50 Years, Someone Got It Right!

Mike D’AngeloMike D’Angelo 
Boston’s Best Trainer, Allure Magazine

The Helix is the perfect way for the athlete to cross train to avoid long term over-use injuries. Stimulating the joints from lateral motion will aid in joint integrity, allowing them to last longer.

The Helix with its Doctor approved lateral motion, is a workout you’ll want to add to your arsenal of body sculpting and health sustaining moves. After 50 years cardio machines, finally someone got it right!

It’s a woman dream come true, probably the closest thing they are going to get to a magic pill for those trouble areas! From major muscle groups to minor ones, the Helix Lateral Trainer addresses them all.

After 50 Years, Someone Got It Right!2019-06-05T10:10:51-04:00

Frontal Plane Movement

michael_boyleMike Boyle 
Boston Red Sox, BU Hockey, USA Hockey

I’ve had the opportunity to use the Helix and think it has great application. It is difficult to move cardiovascular training out of the sagittal plane and the Helix does just that.

I have had my clients slideboard for years to take advantage of frontal plane movement, but until Helix, there has never been a machine that could provide that. I highly recommend the Helix Lateral Trainer.

Frontal Plane Movement2019-06-05T10:10:52-04:00