A Very Popular Machine With Our Members

janet rolleroJanet Pollero
Healthy U Fitness Studio, Whitehouse Station, NJ

I love it, it’s absolutely a great asset to my studio and it’s a very popular machine with our members.  Pretty much all our members gravitate to it because it empowers them to understand the benefits of lateral training, plus how the Helix targets their core in addition to inner & outer thighs so they can keep their workouts balanced that way.  They also reap additional cardio vascular benefits by working the lateral plane because otherwise they’re just working in the frontal plane and their bodies become accustomed to that.  It’s definitely an asset for the club and a good tool for our members.

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Really A Revolutionary Product

Lorry MooneyLorry Mooney 
Lockheed Martin, Buckley AFB, Aurora, CO

I just think the Helix is an awesome machine – it’s been great.  It’s gotten a lot of usage and has been pretty much trouble-free – a lot of our people have tried it out and stayed with it.

We’re in Colorado and have a lot of skiers and the Helix really lends itself to sports training, especially skiing.  Considering the fact that all sports go laterally at some point but all our other machines go in a straight-line, I was intrigued when I heard about the Helix.  I’ve been really pleased with the performance.

We’re more heavily populated with men in this facility, but it gets used by our women as well.  I think it’s a great cardio piece that targets the inner & outer thighs which are always a concern for women.  And for people that ski and snowboard – and I’ve got people that play soccer – when they ask me what type of cardio to try, I always suggest the Helix just because I think it targets muscles that we don’t hit on treadmills and bikes and ellipticals.  The Helix is really a revolutionary product.

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Unique Machine, Unlike Any Other

dan boothbyDan Boothby 
Northeastern University Hockey, Boston, MA

I have used the Helix with my athletes and found it to be a unique machine unlike any other. We can provide extra conditioning and still target the muscles of the hip girdle with a tremendous amount of glute recruitment. More importantly it helps to correct muscle imbalances between the adductor and abductor muscle groups or adductor imbalances from the left and right leg. We have used the Helix for conditioning protocols to prepare athletes to return to the ice after injury.

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Our Most Popular Piece Of Cardio Equipment

Dick WeberDick Weber 
B Real Fitness, Camarillo, CA

The Helix is by far our most popular piece of cardio equipment.  I have several units and plan on buying more.  If Helix was to franchise, I would be their first customer.

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Expect Results Fast!

Cynthia Bowser, ISCA 
Equinox Fitness, Los Angeles

People that come to my class expect results fast! That’s what they get with the Helix. They are challenged cardiovascularly, feel the shaping in their legs and glutes immediately, and stay motivated with high energy music and great coaching!

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Perfect Compliment To Other Equipment

Pilates Works, Inc.

The Helix is the perfect complement for the treadmill, elliptical and recumbent bike that I have for my clients.  The core and lower body training provided by the unique lateral movement is exceptional… The cost and small footprint are a bonus!

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Only Machine That Simulates Full Range Of Athletic Motion

John LanzottiJohn Lanzotti 
Landmark Health Club, Peoria, IL

It’s a popular machine that seems to become more popular with members over time as they learn how to use it properly and get the full range of benefits it offers.  In particular, the Helix is a popular machine with our athletes because it’s the only machine that simulates the full range of athletic motion rather than just the forward and backward plane. Also, of course, women like it because it works on the adductors, abductors, quads and glutes.

We’ll also use the Helix with members coming back from knee-related problems.  While it’s important to make sure they are using it correctly, the Helix really helps in getting those folks back to full functioning more rapidly.

Only Machine That Simulates Full Range Of Athletic Motion2019-06-05T10:10:39-04:00

Women Especially Love It

lawrence phillipsLawrence Phillips 
Team LP Fitness, Santa Rosa, CA

The members love the Helix – one of the most popular toys in here.  For the women especially, they love it – it’s an outstanding machine.  It provides them with an amazing leg/glut workout and of course they get their cardio up, but the women are really focused on the legs and gluts – it’s amazing watching them on the machines, they invent their own workout variations – getting down low, standing on their tip-toes, deep squats, tuning their knees out, working their thighs, they’re on there to fire their quads.

If I had more room I’d bring in 2-3 more machines because it’s so functional, there’s so much you can do with it. We’ve created some exercises with it using little 3-4 pound medicine balls so that folks are getting some upper body movement with it too.  It definitely is very popular with both our members and trainers and a big plus for the club.

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Trainers Using It In Their Own Workouts

Brenda KashubaBrenda Kashuba 
4EverFit Personal Training Studio, Saratoga, CA

We’ve only had the Helix for a couple of months, but I’m seeing the trainers starting to use it because of the muscle groups it incorporates, and because it can get the heart rate up quickly in intervals between sets…I’ve also seen the Helix being used in particular by our more athletic and sports oriented clients and interestingly enough, I’ve noticed the trainers themselves using the Helix in their own workouts.

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Huge Caloric Burn That’s Fun, Fun, Fun

America’s Personal Trainer

Amazing technology with a huge caloric burn that’s fun, fun, fun! Every woman in the club is going to run to this!

Huge Caloric Burn That’s Fun, Fun, Fun2019-06-05T10:10:39-04:00