This Personal Health Coach reacts to her first Helix workout, “Invigorating & Renewing & Rejuvenating”. Finding an exercise machine that gives you a feel great workout – younger, fresher, and more energetic – is tough, but the Helix Lateral Trainer meets the challenge.

The full body workout and the lateral motion will keep your heart rate high, burn calories and get you into shape fast. The Helix gives you both a cardio workout and helps tone and shape you buttocks, arms, core and thighs. And as the Coach says, it’s also a FEEL GREAT WORKOUT!

The Helix Lateral Trainer blows away traditional concepts of cardio fitness training and weight loss by providing both an intense workout PLUS huge benefits to your core and all of your lower body muscles – glutes, quads, inner thighs & outer thighs.

FOR ALL WOMEN – the Helix directly addresses those areas that worry you most – hips, butt & thighs – plus gives you the cardio workout that keeps you going.

FOR ALL MEN – cardio, cardio, cardio!  NOTHING will work your cardio like the Helix Lateral Trainer.  And by-the-way, watch out…your core & lower body will NEVER be in better shape.

FOR ALL ATHLETES – the only machine designed to focus on your specific requirements – LATERAL STRENGTH & AGILITY.  And the cardio benefits are huge.

FOR  NEOPHYTES – fitness training can be intimidating, but the Helix Lateral Trainer is designed to be inviting for everyone.  Jump on – it’s intuitive & within 2 minutes you’ll get it…THIS is how to get in shape!