Willie BolvinWillie Bolvin 
Body Performance, San Antonio, TX

We have a mixture of both personal training clients and athletic clients and the Helix is popular across the board: for athletic clients it’s really great because it helps with the lateral movement, and with the personal training clients – women in particular – they love it because they’re looking to tone the outer and inner thighs and the Helix really targets those areas.

Clients also like the Helix because they feel it quickly – once they get into the correct position, they feel a burn and the intensity of the workout goes from there, so they love it.  All types of different athletes – from basketball to soccer to football to tennis – like the Helix because they all move laterally in their sport, and the Helix works directly on all those muscle groups.

When talking to prospective members we do mention the Helix because it’s a unique piece of equipment and we’re one of the few clubs in the area that has it – in that regard the uniqueness is also a positive factor in retaining clients.