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The Complete Helix Workout Guides

If you own a Helix Lateral Trainer or use one at your club, having a copy of the Complete Helix Workout Guides is a must. The Guides provide detailed directions for Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced users covering a range of fitness objectives. Whether you’re new to the Helix or have been using one for years, there’s [...]

TABATA Workout On The Helix

Tabata Conditioning In addition to our guide for the HIIT Workout, we thought it appropriate to publish a companion guide for the Tabata Workout on the Helix.  Tabata is essentially HIIT on steroids - shorter and more compressed than HIIT, Tabata is designed to offer maximum fitness and weight loss benefits in a very brief (8-10 minutes) [...]

HIIT Workout On The Helix

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) One of the most popular cardio workouts to emerge in recent times is called High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT, and the Helix Lateral Trainer provides the perfect machine to capture the benefits of this intensive fitness technique.  Among the most appealing benefits attributed to HIIT are shorter, albeit much more intense, workouts, [...]

CPA, Bikini Model, Helix Lover

How many folks can say that their CPA competes as a Bikini Model?  Okay…how about that their CPA is over 50 years old and WINS Bikini Contests?  Meet Tina Mattis from San Pedro, CA, owner of a successful CPA practice for the past two decades and competitive bikini model for the past couple of years. [...]

Solving the Booty Problem

Solving the 'booty problem' is a challenge - diets help reduce 'non-booty' bulk, weights help on the arms, crunches help with the mid-drift, but how can you effectively get at the REAL problem…your lower body? This video shows you a series of takes from first-time users of the Helix Lateral Trainer - no filter, this is the [...]

Makes Cardio Enjoyable

Have you ever heard the phrase, “it’s fun, it makes cardio enjoyable”? Probably not, since most folks view cardio as boring and a bit unpleasant. But when group fitness instructor Carolyn finished her first workout on the Helix Lateral Trainer, that’s how she described the experience. “It’s a fun new piece of equipment that I’d [...]

Feeling The Burn

Feeling the burn during a workout is a sure sign that you are actually giving your muscles a bigger workload than normal.  And when you start feeling the burn early in a workout, it’s a sure sign that you are activating muscles that normally don’t get any work. Take fitness coach Lunden - who is [...]

Targeting The Problem Areas

For most women, improved physical fitness revolves around targeting the problem areas.  And, for most women, the problem areas are all in the lower body. In this video, trade show attendee Kathy jumped on the Helix Lateral Trainer for a quick test drive and stated, “It’s an AWESOME machine…if you want to target your hips, [...]