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No Pain No Gain

Some truths about fitness - such as No Pain No Gain - are simply undeniable.  No matter how unappealing this mantra is (can’t you just picture a Drill Sergeant yelling it into the ear of a wimpy recruit?) it contains much greater value than all the latest Starvation Diets, Miracle-Grow pharmaceuticals, and Electro-Magnetic muscle builders [...]

Danny & Real Athletes

In most sports, a hugely important factor that separates average participants from the A-Team’s Real Athletes is eyesight.  For folks on the A-Team, games slow down because they see things better which, in turn, enables them to react sooner.  Hitters get around on 100 mph fastballs, quarterbacks spot open receivers downfield, tennis players hit impossible [...]

Breathless, Sweaty & Smiling

If you’re thinking about getting in shape, you’re probably interested in user experience with the fitness equipment that’s out there.  The most effective way to find this out isn’t to check focus-group-tested company ads, it’s to get feedback from actual new users, i.e., real people reacting, talking about their personal impressions after using a product [...]

Fun Fitness Without Re-Injury

Anyone with a chronic knee problem understands the challenge of achieving fitness without re-injury.  The key to success involves getting an intense, total body workout that engages a broad range of muscles while avoiding damaging impact or stress. In this video a fitness club manager, Amanda, reacts to her first test ride on the Helix [...]

Full Body Workout

Wouldn’t it be great to get a concentrated full body workout - cardio, strength, core, upper & lower body - without spending all that time in the gym?  In other words, wouldn’t it be great if you could find a single machine that helped you reach a range of your fitness goals? In this video [...]

Butt Workout

In spite of the high priority women place on an effective ‘butt workout’ that tones & shapes the lower body, until the Helix Lateral Trainer there simply was no way to quickly & easily target these muscles - the glutes, the quads, and inner & outer thighs. In this video clip, Donna, a long-time Personal [...]

Celebrity Trainer Danny Musico Talks Helix

From the floor of IDEA World Fitness, Danny Musico, Celebrity Trainer and, as former World Super Middle Weight Champ, Hollywood’s “Go-To” trainer for boxing flicks [Stallone (Rocky), Swank (Million Dollar Baby), Walberg (The Fighter)] gives a rapid fire summary of why and how he uses the Helix Lateral Trainer with his clients and, importantly, why [...]

Booty Obsession

Ever wonder why popular culture seems to have developed a Booty Obsession?  TMZ Hollywood Sports took on the subject and actually brought in the World’s #1 Celebrity Trainer, Harley Pasternak, to answer some questions about what’s going on. As could be expected the TMZ commentators kept things pretty light, but this is serious business for [...]