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Ninja Turtles Workout

If you’re starring in the latest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie after having two babies in less than two years, getting into “movie star” shape has got to be a big challenge…right?  Not so much, according to celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak in a recent interview with Us Weekly about client Megan Fox’s diet & exercise [...]

Working The Glutes

Working the glutes is often an exercise priority, particularly for women.  The problem becomes finding a quick & easy way to target these muscles.  In this clip, trainer & cyclist Lindsay comments on her first experience with the Helix Later Trainer. “Amazing workout, tires you in about 20 minutes and hits the glute meds like [...]

User Spotlight: Rehabbing Athletes

Corporate world to entrepreneur to rehabbing athletes.  After spending her career in clinical oncology with a major pharma company and as the Chief Science Officer for a major diagnostic firm, Alane Koki retired four years ago and began to concentrate on her independent interests: forming her own company, BioFitRx, and becoming a fitness trainer specializing [...]

Fun Cardio

For most folks the concept of "fun cardio" probably sounds a little suspicious.  But when a group fitness instructor like Melissa gave us her thoughts right after her first workout on the Helix Lateral Trainer, that's pretty much how she described the experience. "It was SO AWESOME!  I never thought I could do something that much [...]

User Spotlight: Hockey Fitness Training

As one of our first residential customers, Mike Betts is a veteran Helix user and a devoted Hockey Dad who has become a firm believer in the benefits of hockey fitness training for young players using the Helix. We get a lot of positive feedback from athletes, trainers, and clubs involved with essentially all types [...]

Booty Workout

Lots of women show up at the gym for one reason…their booty workout.  After stepping off the Helix Lateral Trainer for the first time, fitness instructor Sarah focused on just this subject.  “I’m really big on a booty workout & that just kicked my booty!  I felt the burn in the quads and also the [...]

Range of Motion

The fundamental objective of exercise, whether you’re trying to lose a few pounds or ramping up for the Olympics, is to improve your muscle tone & strength, cardio endurance,  and range of motion.  In other words, you want to tighten things up. Anna is a serious fitness aficionado who traveled from Mexico City to attend [...]

User Spotlight: Renaissance Woman Meets the Helix

Think you're busy? Try this: your're a psychologist, you do stand-up comedy at clubs all around New York City, you write about sex, fitness, and health for news sites like Huffington Post, TIME Heartland, xo Jane and Psychology Standard, you write a personal blog on stuff that interests you, you write (and publish) books on [...]