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Athletic Strength and Conditioning

Athletes don’t just move forward & backward…they need the strength and conditioning to move at all angles, all the time, at a millisecond’s notice.  Just name a sport - tennis, baseball, basketball, football, soccer, hockey, skiing. lacrosse - and lateral strength & conditioning is key to performance.  The problem athletes faced was a huge vacuum [...]


Introducing the Epitome of a Satisfied Helix User Dr. Serita Gardner is a 5’8”, about-to-be-50 bundle of energy who lives in the Houston area, works as an eye doctor, and exercises like an absolute fiend on her own Helix Lateral Trainer that she purchased two years ago. It was obvious during our interview that Serita [...]

Workout Music and Movement

Matching workout music and movement can be really important to having a smooth & enjoyable workout. This user was surprised - and pleased - by the movement flow he experienced during his first workout on the Helix Lateral Trainer. “You have this movement flow within your body and you’re constantly pushing yourself with the beat…I [...]

Intense and Efficient Workout

Andrea tried different products all day at the IHRSA International Fitness Industry Show looking for something that provided an intense and efficient workout.  And then she discovered the Helix.  “The Helix worked me the hardest within 2 minutes…it’s awesome, I love it, I’m sweating!  I recommend it to anybody who wants a good workout!” Finding [...]

Cardio and Lower Body Fitness

If you’re interested in cardio and lower body fitness training, spend a couple minutes watching the most enthusiastic response to a new exercise machine you’re ever likely to encounter. These trade show attendees just tried the Helix Lateral Trainer and the rave reviews run all the way from “I LOVE IT” to “BLOWN AWAY” to [...]

The Perfect Exercise Machine for Women

An attendee at the IHRSA International Fitness Industry Show tries out the Helix Lateral Trainer and gives it a rave review - the perfect exercise machine for women. She immediately feels how it works on her entire lower body - thighs, quads, and butt. The Helix Lateral Trainer IS perfect for women because it’s designed [...]

Core & Lower Body Activation

After her first brief Helix workout, this Pilates instructor comments on the core and lower body activation she felt, especially in her glutes & inner thighs - better than an elliptical or even running.  “AN AMAZING WORKOUT” in a really short period of time. With its revolutionary side-to-side motion, the Helix Lateral Trainer provides a [...]

Work Up a Sweat Quickly

The surest sign that you’re getting an intense cardio workout is when you work up a sweat quickly.  In this video clip a trade show attendee - dripping with sweat in under 10 minutes - serves as testimony that the Helix Later Trainer can ramp up your cardio like nothing else.  And her comments, “BEST [...]