Helix Introduces Fitness Industry’s Only Recumbent Lateral Trainer

The Helix HR3500 Recumbent Lateral Trainer Breaks New Ground In Cardio Equipment

(Boston, MA – March 6, 2017)  The Helix Company, the world’s leading manufacturer of lateral training fitness equipment, today announced the introduction of the industry’s first & only recumbent lateral trainer, the HR3500. As a no-impact, non-weight bearing machine, the HR3500 opens up the enormous benefits of lateral cardio & lower body training to essentially all users – fitness neophytes, heavy/deconditioned users, rehabs from knee/hip/back injuries, seniors and, of course, mainstream fitness enthusiasts.

HR3500Helix, the creator of the cardio machine-based Lateral Training Category, provides both Commercial & Residential options which have, heretofore, offered only “upright” Lateral Trainers, where users stand on the pedals in a weight-bearing manner. By adapting the patented 360 degree motion of these upright Helix Lateral Trainers to a recumbent/sitting machine, the HR3500 offers distinct, and scientifically proven, advantages over traditional “linear”-based recumbent cardio products, e.g., recumbent bikes and steppers.

While all other traditional cardio products – upright or recumbent – train in the sagittal-plane, all Helix Lateral Trainers provide multi-planar activation, engaging both the sagittal and frontal planes of movement. This multi-plane engagement by Helix machines creates dramatically more muscle activation in approximately 2/3 of the body.

Specifically, when compared to the leading club elliptical trainer, upright Helix lateral trainers create 44% more activation of the obliques, 38% more activation in the gluteus maximums, 36% more activation of the gluteus medius, and 43% more activation of the inner/outer thigh. This dramatically increased muscle activation technology is incorporated into the HR3500 Recumbent, meaning the HR3500 will deliver similar benefits to users – real results such as greater calorie burn and muscle activation – in a shorter amount of time.

Importantly, the HR3500 Recumbent not only provides complete training of the lower body but also specifically targets the glutes, i.e., the primary focus of many athletes and female users.  Aside from lateral strength/flexibility & body toning, however, this muscle group is most responsible for creating lateral stability, and therefore the HR3500 has the potential to deliver enhanced fall-prevention for both seniors and deconditioned users. Since the recumbent design is non weight-bearing, its benefits can be enjoyed by essentially all users regardless of conditioning or age.

IHRSA 2017 will be the official launch-site of the all-new HR3500 Commercial Recumbent Lateral Trainer. For more information, email info@helixco.com, or visit IHRSA Booth 2106 March 9 and 10, 2017.

About Helix

Headquartered in Boston, MA, Helix is the world’s leading manufacturer of lateral training fitness equipment.  Established in 2006, the company’s revolutionary lateral fitness system has been awarded patents around the world, and its premiere fitness product, the Helix Lateral Trainer, has been installed in hundreds of diverse settings including health & fitness clubs, YMCAs, training studios, corporate gyms, rehabilitation facilities, multi-tenant fitness centers, colleges & universities, high-profile celebrities and multiple championship professional sports franchises.  The Helix Lateral Trainer is widely recognized as a revolutionary breakthrough in cardio training and is the pioneer of an entirely new category of fitness equipment – the lateral trainer.

For more information, contact Scott Logan, VP Sales & Marketing, at scott@helixco.com or (425)501-9966.

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