Darleen KeeganDarleen Keegan 
eBay Corporate Health Clubs, California, Utah, Arizona

We have the Helix in four different campuses – two in California serving about 6,000 employees, and campuses in Utah & Arizona serving about 2,000 employees each.  We initially decided to install the Helix in our Arizona location because we thought it would be great for our skiers there, but because we have employees that travel around all the time we decided to incorporate the Helix everywhere and we’re glad we did.

I think if our staff of trainers sells it right, we can get anybody onto the Helix, so there’s not one particular group of folks using the machine although, of course, there is a particular attraction among women looking to firm-up and work on their lower body.  I think it takes some time for people to learn to train using the Helix because everyone is accustomed to the typical back-and-forth motion of the ellipticals and treadmills, but as people get the hang of it they really, really like it.

From my perspective, I really like the Helix because it’s innovative and that’s what we’re always looking for – how do we stay ahead of the fitness center market and remain attractive to employees.  I try to keep our clubs unique & creative and Helix helps us achieve that objective.