Dena GunnoeDena Gunnoe 
Bishop Fitness Center, Bishop, CA

We’ve had the Helix for a couple of years and our overall experience has been great – we have two of them, our clients love them and they get used all the time.  Helix is popular with all types of our members, ranging from girls to boys, men and women, older and younger.

I think members really like it because they can get their heart rate up faster with the Helix – they may only spend ten-minutes on it but it can really be challenging and they like this versus other machines like the ellipticals.  They also like the fact that they can work their quads and glutes by sitting and standing and switching things up.  With an elliptical they are just standing in the same position whereas the Helix offers a variety of ways to move around and work on different things, and the members seem to really like that.

When we’re showing the club to prospective members I’ve heard them say they’ve never seen anything like the Helix, so it nice to have something that’s different and that a lot of other clubs don’t have.