Changing Things Up With Helix

Recreation Management Magazine Showcases The Helix HR3500 Recumbent Lateral Trainer¹

The groundbreaking HR3500 Recumbent Lateral Trainer from Helix was spotlighted in the “Product Showcase – New Product Ideas” section of Recreation Management’s May Issue.  Recreation Management Magazine, the number one information resource for recreation, sports and fitness facility managers, reported:

Helix Lateral Trainers created the category of cardio-machine-based lateral training, which moves cardio training from single to multi-plane movement. The HR3500 Recumbent Trainer brings the benefits of lateral training to a wider audience, including seniors and less conditioned users. The 360-degree bidirectional motion provides complete training of the lower body, burns more calories than traditional recumbent modalities and engages the glutes, creating lateral stability, which is important for fall prevention.


¹ “Product Showcase – New Product Ideas”, Recreation Management Magazine, May 2017, Article Link