Deborah FranckowiakDeborah Franckowiak 
Genoa Fitness Center, Genoa, IL

Our members really use the Helix a lot.  I think they really like the fact that they can work on their ‘saddlebags’ and get a strong cardio workout in at the same time.  Rather than having to go to multiple machines, the Helix lets members focus on toning muscle groups they’re concerned with plus gives them the cardio so in that regard they are able to save time.

The Helix is considered one of our specialty machines, which means that it helps make us different & unique from other clubs – which, of course, can be an important factor in attracting and retaining members.  Our trainers like to utilize a variety of equipment and our members like to do a lot of cross-training, so the Helix fits right in and helps us create a unique environment in both those areas.