We at Helix love that our Lateral Trainers are making an impact with athletes from all manner of team & individual sports, so we’ve been delighted to recently hear from Helix users in martial arts. And not only are the machines being used in martial arts for conditioning but, because of the ingenuity of one instructor in particular, custom Helix training techniques have been developed that are specifically targeted to the unique strength, agility, and quickness requirements of martial arts self-defense.

Meet Jerry Weible, resident Master at Weible Martial Arts (WMA) in Puyallup, WA. Jerry has been teaching martial arts since 1979 and is a recognized guru in the full spectrum of self-defense disciplines, ranging from Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Tae Kwan Do, Tang soo Do and Jui Jitsu, to European Sword Fighting (yikes).

Jerry is an exceptionally focused instructor whose hard-driving personal workouts had literally become a ‘war against the machines’ until he discovered the Helix. In his own words, here’s why Jerry has gravitated to the Helix:

The Helix is the most amazing cross-training machine I’ve ever encountered – 20 minutes on the Helix provides more core & lower body strength training than you’ll get from an hour on an elliptical…

The Helix adds to strength so quickly & efficiently that instead of doing seemingly endless basic training with repetitive drills, those same 20-25 minutes on the Helix are the equivalent of 3-4 hours of these basic workout drills. This directly frees up a lot of time that can then be devoted to more advanced techniques you want to impart to students…

As mentioned, Jerry has modified several of the basic Helix workout movements (surfing, grind, and squat) and introduced twisting variations on Helix push-ups to develop a curriculum focused specifically on Kung Fu stance, punching, coiling and blocking movements.

We are obviously thrilled that Jerry has not only incorporated the Helix into his instruction at WMA but also applied his expertise to develop applications that expand Helix utility for martial arts athletes in general. The name ‘Kung Fu’ means ‘Hark Work’ and Jerry’s efforts in this regard deservedly make him a Helix Fitness VIP. The following Snapshot video gives you a glimpse of his rigorous Helix workout.

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