Amy Schumer Shapes Up on Helix!

Excerpts from “Amy Schumer’s Trainer Shares Her Full-Body Workout—and It’s No Joke” by Rozalynn S. Frazier, Health Magazine¹ 

Svelte Amy in scene from Snatched

Amy Schumer, named one of Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in 2015, is blazing a remarkable and hilarious comedy trail that, so far, has included

  • major magazine articles, a New York Times best-selling memoir,  and a stand-up comedy album;
  • numerous TV appearances capped off by her own Peabody Award winning and Emmy nominated sketch-comedy series Inside Amy Schumer;
  • and on the big screen, her lead role in Trainwreck which led to Writer’s Guild and Golden Globe nominations, plus her latest movie, Snatched, which hits theaters this week.

As pointed out in a recent Health magazine article, however, one thing this talented comedian takes very seriously is her physical fitness and workout regimen.  Working with the world’s number one celebrity trainer, Harley Pasternak, Amy’s challenging routine is the real thing. 

“First of all, Amy’s naturally an athlete,” notes Pasternak who says Schumer has an effortless humor that lights up the room  and makes everyone around her smile. “She played sports at a high-level through high school and college, and was an aerobics instructor. So she’s very coordinated, and easy to

Amy Helixing to Sade2

Harley’s Instagram video of Amy Helixing

push in the gym.”

So how exactly does Pasternak help keep Schumer looking her best? The simple seven, he says—that is, a circuit of seven strength moves that target the entire body. “The exercises sometimes vary, but I usually pick one exercise for each of the seven major body parts,” explains Pasternak…

Pasternak also has Schumer hit the Helix, a gym machine that works the body on a lateral plane. “Most of what we do is forward and back, so to find something that works us more side to side I think is really helpful for those under-worked muscles like the abductors and obliques, while still hitting the glutes and quads,” he says. “I mainly use the Helix as a cardio burst when doing a circuit, but it can easily be used for more prolonged bouts of cardio.”¹

Harley is a long-time aficionado of Helix and the benefits of Lateral Training – for more on what he has to say click here. And for the full story on Amy’s rigorous workouts, click the Health magazine article link below.


¹ “Amy Schumer’s Trainer Shares Her Full-Body Workout—and It’s No Joke” by Rozalynn S. Frazier, Health Magazine, 5/9/2017, Article Link