Julio RomeroJulio Romero 
CFO (retired), IDEA Health & Fitness Association, San Diego, CA

I bought a Helix for my personal use at the IDEA Convention last year.  I’ve been working with a personal trainer to address a lower back condition I have, so after my wife mentioned that she really liked the machine I asked the trainer to check it out for my situation.  His response was that it not only wouldn’t cause me problems but, in fact, could really help me out.

My overall experience with the Helix has been a “10”.  It’s keeping me strong & gives me a tremendous cardio workout.  I’d say that it’s preventative for people that don’t have any injury issues and it’s really beneficial for folks who have some damage like myself.

I just retired so I’m real interested in return on investment, and I’ve gotten more ROI from the Helix than anything else.  I would absolutely recommend the Helix.