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An Ideal Home Gym Addition

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It’s A Scientific Fact

Nothing shapes you up FASTER for Spring and Summer sports & activities than the Helix, and now is the PERFECT time to own the ultimate Spring/Summer fitness product!

“Firm, toned, & hot” on the beach or upping your game – tennis, golf, hiking, softball, beach volleyball, mountain biking, etc. – you need A POWERFUL & FLEXIBLE LOWER BODY. And that’s exactly what Helix gives you. Here’s why it works:

  • Up to 44% greater muscle activation from ‘the core to the floor’
    • Works & shapes your Core – 44% greater activation of your Obliques
    • Works & tones the Booty – 38% greater activation of your Gluteus Medius & Maximus
    • Works & tones both Inner & Outer Thighs – 43% greater activation
  • 23% faster trip to your Target Heart Rate
  • Delivers the benefits of HIIT Training
    • Higher resting Metabolic Rate (burn more calories post-workout)
    • Lower Resting Blood Pressure
    • Greater VO2 max
  • Best of all, the Helix is FUN & DIFFERENT
    • The lateral motion is A BLAST – forget about how much good it’s doing!