Tabata2Tabata Conditioning

In addition to our guide for the HIIT Workout, we thought it appropriate to publish a companion guide for the Tabata Workout on the Helix.  Tabata is essentially HIIT on steroids – shorter and more compressed than HIIT, Tabata is designed to offer maximum fitness and weight loss benefits in a very brief (8-10 minutes) time.  An important caveat with this type of intensive training, of course, is to treat it with caution & respect based on your health and fitness level.

Developed by Dr. Izumi Tabata at Tokyo’s National Institute of Fitness and Sports to induce aerobic and anaerobic conditioning simultaneously, this workout has been widely adopted by the mixed martial arts community and fitness enthusiasts seeking to develop supreme fitness levels and physical development.

Specific benefits from Tabata include:

  • Increased fat loss (increased metabolic rate = increased potential for fat loss)
  • Increased conditioning and stamina
  • Time saving and super-efficient (10 minutes including warm up)
  • Increased ability to perform high intensity exercise
  • Increased mental toughness due to the exercise intensity involvedTabata3

Helpful tips:

  • All-out effort during Interval I in each round
  • Do nothing but breathe during Interval II, stick strictly to the 10 second rest period – NO LONGER
  • Have a clock plainly visible (Helix Monitor or Tabata timer available online)
  • During the rest period, stay put, and breathe
  • It’s 4 minutes, it’s not forever – although it will feel like it at the time
  • This training is incredibly demanding, and as such should be treated with respect and performed at most 2-3 times a week with a day of recovery in between.

Tabata Workout On The Helix (click to download)

Tabata Image1

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