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Testimonials: Health & Fitness Club

I Wouldn’t Have A Club Without One

Craig Ehleider
Craig Ehleider 
Future Fitness, 5 locations in South Jersey/Philadelphia area


The Helix is popular with the members, but I wouldn’t fill a club with anything.  I’ve got a huge amount of equipment diversity, so while I wouldn’t say I’ll fill a club with Helixes, I’d also say that I wouldn’t have a club without one.

The Helix provides diversity & options on cardio.  With cardio, it’s helpful psychologically for members to have different choices, and the Helix provides options that just aren’t out there with other machines.  The different look and focus of the Helix also helps attract new members – especially if you’re a good salesman and can talk up the options it provides – but it’s the quality of a machine that helps in retaining members over time and Helix has that too.  It’s also not real high priced – it’s well priced for what it offers. I do like the Helix, I think it’s a good variation, and I’m glad you invented it.

Absolutely Helps In Retaining Members

Rob MyersRob Myers 
Anytime Fitness, Salt Lake City, UT

It’s a very popular item – we have two Helix Trainers and they’re both in use pretty much all the time – trainers use it in their programs and members use it on their own.

Members like it because it’s easy to use and the uniqueness of the lateral movement – rather than just front-to-back – effectively focuses on the whole lower body area, which is something women in particular like to work.  The Helix absolutely helps us in retaining members, without a doubt.

The Helix Is Simply A Different Game

Kisar DhillonKishar Dhillon 
The Art of Personal Training, Portland, OR

We got the Helix late last year and have been integrating it into the workout routines with our members.

The members like it a lot.  We don’t have any ellipticals because, in my opinion, ellipticals are “played out” and the Helix gives us a chance to offer something different to our members.  Most of the people in Portland, Oregon are either runners or cyclists, so when you put them on the Helix Lateral Trainer it is simply a different game and much more challenging – they aren’t used to it.

We do a lot of interval training on the Helix, and when we put them on it and they start working laterally it’s a whole different direction and, at least at first, their body is in complete shock.  Working out on the Helix can definitely be challenging, which from the perspective of our members is a good thing.

From what I’ve seen there’s not many Helix trainers in Portland right now, so I think it’s pretty cool that we’re offering it to our members.

Testimonials: Colleges & Universities

Every Club Should Have It

Kathi DeresinskiKathi Deresinski 
Triton University, River, IL

I think the Helix is a great machine, and I think every club should have one or two.

The biggest challenge is getting people accustomed to it because it’s so different from what they’re used to.  But I really do like the Helix because it challenges users from a different point of motion.  I think once an individual tries it they have a tendency to go back to it, and I’d say the regular users of the Helix tend to be people who are fairly consistent in their physical exercise and are comfortable having a regular fitness regimen.

Helps Attract New Members

mike weaverMike Weaver
Cleveland State University, Cleveland, OH

The Helix is popular with our members because it’s something different from the normal treadmill or stepper, so it gets used a lot. We have a varied membership – not just students but also the public – and I’ve seen a broad range of folks using it – everything from older members to our personal trainers to basketball players – both male & female, too.

I like it because it doesn’t necessarily feel like a cardio workout – it feels like you’re actually doing something functional like working on your leg strength. It offers something new & exciting to our members as opposed to the standard cardio machines. For perspective members who come in and take a tour, the Helix helps show that we offer a range of equipment that you generally don’t find, so as far as getting people in the door it definitely helps.

Good Cardio Workout In Less Time

Erik AschimEric Aschim 
University of Montana, Missoula, MT

People like the Helix because it’s a different type of machine from our other equipment with its lateral movement that works on different muscles.  Plus they don’t have to use it as long as other machines – they get as good a cardio workout in a shorter amount of time.  It seems to be more popular with women and our athletic cross-fit folks – plus the skiers who are focused on exactly the muscles and range of motion worked on by the Helix.

Testimonials: YMCAs

It’s Different, It’s Unique

brett-mayerBrett Mayer 
Reading YMCA, Sinking Spring, PA

People are using it because it’s different, it’s unique.  It gives people a different motion than other equipment, especially other cardio equipment.  Our experience has been that it’s getting used the most by younger females in their 20s and 30s who are more athletic.

Hits Muscles Other Machines Don’t

Cyndee GoodinsonCyndee Goodinson 
YMCA of Attleboro, Attleboro, MA

Our overall experience has been very positive.  It’s a hard workout, the members like it.  It’s challenging because it’s a different workout due to the movement of the machine, so they like the experience because they’re hitting muscles that they don’t normally work on with cardio machines.  It gets them to a cardio-vascular level that the other machines really don’t hit.  It’s definitely a compliment to what we offer – we have two.

Awesome Overall Experience

Betty Linko

Betty Linko 
Indian Valley YMCA, Harleysville, PA

Our overall experience with the Helix has been awesome, the members love it!  A lot of members used to use the elliptical but they like the different motion and the work it does on the lower body.

As far as what the gym is offering, the Helix helps give us variety by being one more piece that helps members from getting bored with their workouts.  We show prospective members the Helix and it helps show the range of things we offer, so it’s a plus in attracting new members.  Once they join people love it and I think the Helix definitely helps in satisfying & retaining members.