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Testimonials: Health & Fitness Club

Absolutely A Favorite With Our Members

bret emeryDr. Bret Emery 
Emery Fit, Alpharetta, GA

We’re a private personal training facility and we pick up where physical therapy leaves off.  Our overall experience with the Helix has been great, and the machine absolutely is a favorite with our members.  The main attraction that draws our members to the Helix is that it’s so different from everything else.  If we go down our line of equipment, and everything moves in the vertical direction …ellipticals – vertical, treadmills – vertical, Jacob’s Ladder – vertical, crank cycle – vertical, rower – vertical…and then you’ve got the Helix.  So it’s the only one out of our whole line that moves horizontally.

On tours with prospective members, the Helix is always one of the eye-candy pieces at the beginning.  You can always take somebody, put them on the Helix and they’ll go, “Oh wow, that feels so different.”

A Very Popular Machine With Our Members

janet rolleroJanet Pollero
Healthy U Fitness Studio, Whitehouse Station, NJ

I love it, it’s absolutely a great asset to my studio and it’s a very popular machine with our members.  Pretty much all our members gravitate to it because it empowers them to understand the benefits of lateral training, plus how the Helix targets their core in addition to inner & outer thighs so they can keep their workouts balanced that way.  They also reap additional cardio vascular benefits by working the lateral plane because otherwise they’re just working in the frontal plane and their bodies become accustomed to that.  It’s definitely an asset for the club and a good tool for our members.

Really A Revolutionary Product

Lorry MooneyLorry Mooney 
Lockheed Martin, Buckley AFB, Aurora, CO

I just think the Helix is an awesome machine – it’s been great.  It’s gotten a lot of usage and has been pretty much trouble-free – a lot of our people have tried it out and stayed with it.

We’re in Colorado and have a lot of skiers and the Helix really lends itself to sports training, especially skiing.  Considering the fact that all sports go laterally at some point but all our other machines go in a straight-line, I was intrigued when I heard about the Helix.  I’ve been really pleased with the performance.

We’re more heavily populated with men in this facility, but it gets used by our women as well.  I think it’s a great cardio piece that targets the inner & outer thighs which are always a concern for women.  And for people that ski and snowboard – and I’ve got people that play soccer – when they ask me what type of cardio to try, I always suggest the Helix just because I think it targets muscles that we don’t hit on treadmills and bikes and ellipticals.  The Helix is really a revolutionary product.

Testimonials: Colleges & Universities

Still New But All Positive So Far

Kenneth EwertzKenneth Ewertz 
Wichita State University, Wichita, KS

We’ve only had it for about a month, but we’re keeping track of the usage and we’re pleased that it’s being used quite a bit.  We put it in the front row which normally isn’t the best spot – nobody likes to be in the front row – but because of that, members are seeing the Helix being used and are curious about it because it’s such a different motion and workout than our other machines.

Members have also told me that it’s pretty intense and their workouts don’t need to last as long as with other aerobic equipment.  Overall, the comments and feedback I’ve heard from members so far has all been positive.

Testimonials: YMCAs

Both Cardio Workout & Resistance Trainer

amanda mcferrenAmanda McFerren 
Lancaster YMCA, Lancaster, PA

We’ve had the Helix for about 3 years and our overall experience has been very good.  From the maintenance side, it doesn’t break and from the functional side it really accesses the muscles that you can’t get to on any of the other cardio machines.

I’d say it’s used mostly by women that are already in athletic shape.  I think that the members using the Helix regularly already have a good understanding of their bodies and realize that this is a motion that you can’t get on any other machine because of the planes you are moving in.  When I train people on it I actually tell them you can do two different things: you can go fast and get a nice cardio workout or you can use it as more of a resistance trainer where you’re able to train and tone the muscles it targets.

The Helix has proven to be a good selling point with potential members – I’ve worked in several facilities and I tell people that we are the only one I’ve seen with a Helix, and that really does kind of draw them into the advantages of our club.

Great for Sports Training

Suzanne PonticelloSuzanne Porticello
Darien YMCA, Darien, CT

Our overall experience with the Helix has been great. A wide variety of our members are using it and everyone’s been pleased. We train a lot of athletes, and we’ve been using it in sports-specific training – field hockey, lacrosse, ice hockey, football. These sports require a lot of lateral movement and typical cardio equipment just doesn’t help, so the Helix is certainly unique.

I’d say it’s helpful in attracting & retaining members – a lot of people walk in and have never seen it before, so that in-and-of itself is a positive since we have a lot of competition in the area and the Helix is definitely a unique piece for us to have.