Helix Lateral Trainer Testimonials

/Helix Lateral Trainer Testimonials

Testimonials: Health & Fitness Club

Expect Results Fast!

Cynthia Bowser, ISCA 
Equinox Fitness, Los Angeles

People that come to my class expect results fast! That’s what they get with the Helix. They are challenged cardiovascularly, feel the shaping in their legs and glutes immediately, and stay motivated with high energy music and great coaching!

Perfect Compliment To Other Equipment

Pilates Works, Inc.

The Helix is the perfect complement for the treadmill, elliptical and recumbent bike that I have for my clients.  The core and lower body training provided by the unique lateral movement is exceptional… The cost and small footprint are a bonus!

Only Machine That Simulates Full Range Of Athletic Motion

John LanzottiJohn Lanzotti 
Landmark Health Club, Peoria, IL

It’s a popular machine that seems to become more popular with members over time as they learn how to use it properly and get the full range of benefits it offers.  In particular, the Helix is a popular machine with our athletes because it’s the only machine that simulates the full range of athletic motion rather than just the forward and backward plane. Also, of course, women like it because it works on the adductors, abductors, quads and glutes.

We’ll also use the Helix with members coming back from knee-related problems.  While it’s important to make sure they are using it correctly, the Helix really helps in getting those folks back to full functioning more rapidly.

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