Kisar DhillonKishar Dhillon 
The Art of Personal Training, Portland, OR

We got the Helix late last year and have been integrating it into the workout routines with our members.

The members like it a lot.  We don’t have any ellipticals because, in my opinion, ellipticals are “played out” and the Helix gives us a chance to offer something different to our members.  Most of the people in Portland, Oregon are either runners or cyclists, so when you put them on the Helix Lateral Trainer it is simply a different game and much more challenging – they aren’t used to it.

We do a lot of interval training on the Helix, and when we put them on it and they start working laterally it’s a whole different direction and, at least at first, their body is in complete shock.  Working out on the Helix can definitely be challenging, which from the perspective of our members is a good thing.

From what I’ve seen there’s not many Helix trainers in Portland right now, so I think it’s pretty cool that we’re offering it to our members.